[Story] The Witch Handwriting; Episode 1

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It’s been long the king made love, he needs someone to make love to, he observed all the mermaid they were not as cute as he want, he want a beautiful wife that will give birth to beautiful children for him….he had misunderstanding with his wife, the queen of water.

The queen of water was angry with the king, she decided to divide the mermaid among themselves, some mermaid followed the queen while some followed the king…..

So the king decided to take another wife who will also become the queen, “I need a wife” he cried out one night. All the mermaid felt sorry for him.

Darihma his favorite brought an idea “my king, since you don’t like the ladies here, what about I bring a lady outside cause I know of a beautiful girl in my class that most guys admire and she’s my… Why not I invite her here” she said

He stared at her for a while, although he knew she had never disappointed him before “she must be beautiful and she must love me forever ” he said

“Yes my king, you’ll love her cause she’s far beautiful than the queen and I bet you that the queen would be jealous when she sees beautiful Dinah ” She said
“You mean her name is Dinah? ” he asked
“yes my king” she bowed
“I’ll change her name when she comes, she’ll no longer answer Dinah, that’s if she’s beautiful ” he said
“so be it as you said ” she bowed
“I’ll give you a gift that you’ll give her when you go to school… ” he said

He brought out a beautiful golden ring and give it to Darihma, he told her not to allow anybody to test the ring, the first person to test the ring must be Dinah and once she put it on her finger, she’ll appear at their next meeting. They all sang and dance with their tail for the king. He was excited that he’ll soon have a beautiful wife and he promised to give her half of his kingdom.


My name is Maureen, and I will be narrating how it all began.


I went straight to the kitchen immediately I arrived from work, I dished my food which was pounded yam and vegetables soup…. I felt dizzy and weak not knowing the exact problem…..

I moulded the first cut and swallowed it, something must be wrong with me…. My phone rang immediately, I checked the caller My love…. I felt relieved cause it was my fiancé….

“Hello love ” I said happily
“have you seen my text? ” he asked ignoring my greetings
“not at all dear, I just arrived at work and I’m eating” I said
“okay, try to check the message ” he said and hung the call

I was surprised cause that sounds unusual, whenever I said I’m eating he would always say I should come and feed him…. His dull words stroke me dumb, I ignored the second molded pounded yam and focused on my phone to see the message….

*Dear love, please don’t be offended and don’t feel upset. I just discovered my feelings towards you has grow cold, I’m so sorry to tell you this and I’m sorry for all I’ve caused you. I pray that you’ll find a better person in your life*

I almost throwed up seeing the text, he couldn’t even respect me by coming over to tell me it’s over….. He didn’t state any reasons…. He’s just joking…..

I lost my appetite immediately, I have to report him to my pastor cause he can’t do such to me, after all I’ve done for him… I took care of his education and made sure he had the same certificate as mine and now all I’m getting is heart brake?

My name is Maureen, I’m the first daughter of my father and the second child of the family of five siblings. Ken is my fiance, he engaged me few months ago and has done formal introduction. We’ve started going for counseling already and our wedding is closed. Breaking up through a mere text seems to be a disappointment to me…

Ever since I started dating Ken, he has never take me to his parents, I only know his younger brother who they live together…..

Ken has draw a sword for fight cause I don’t know what to tell my parents or people I brag about over him, they would all laugh at me……

My phone rang again, I rushed to pick it expecting it to be Ken…. He should just say baby I’m sorry it was a mistake or any excuse but it was not him….

The caller is Dinah my younger sister, she lives with my mother as the last child we provide her needs…. She’s still a secondary school student…..

“Aunty good afternoon ” she said in her sharp voice, she always calls me aunty while she calls the middle sister big sis..
“uncle how are you doing today ” I said jokingly in order to avoid my dull voice….
“Fine, the principal gave us the grace of this week to pay our school fees, as from next week they’ll send us away ” she said
“Okay, when you close on Friday take extra clothes and come over, I will also like to send you to mama” I said
“Wow thank you aunty” she said amidst happiness…

I hung the call……




Dinah’s phone ranged, she checked the caller, it was Darihma her bestie. She wonder why Darihma was calling cause she hardly calls….She’s as greedy as no one could describe and very stubborn girl….

“Hey babe ” Dinah began
“hello cutie, how was your night ” she demanded
“pretty good and yours ”
“same. Hope you are coming to school cause I have a gift for you ” she asked
“sure yeah, I’m on my way ” Dinah said
“alright, see you later ” she said and hung the call.

Dinah stood wondering…”Darihma of all people wants to give me a gift…angel go blow trumpet 🎺 pa ra ra ra ra ra ” Dinah said playfully and danced while her flay skirt fly above her kneels revealing the beautiful skin thigh her mum bought for her.

Dinah was on her way to school, she met Kingsley the class captain. Her mood changed immediately, Kingsley has been stalking her for long but she’s not attracted to him. Sometimes she embarrasses him in the class but he refused to give up on her. Dinah disliked him cause he hates Darihma.

“my Angel” he said but Dinah refused to answer, she walked fast instead… He ran after her and tickled her, Dinah jumped up immediately cause she hate it…. “stop” she shouted but he smiled and move his tongue around his lips…. “Tell me the slang, I need to feel good”…

That slangs mostly used by all students in my school, three words that makes a guy’s day is 👉 I love you 👈 but Dinah was dumb founded not knowing what to say to excuse herself from him….
“won’t you say it? ” he asked

An idea stroke Dinah then she smiled mischievously and move towards him as if I wanted to kiss him, she gently whisper her own three great words to him “go to hell” she said and ran away. Dinah knew he was expecting a kiss or I love you but he never knew he was in for disgrace.

When Dinah was a bit distanced from him she turned to see him still standing at thesame position she had left him, she felt bad. Dinah knew he never had any bad thoughts towards her but stalking her seems to be like bullying her… “sorry but that’s the only three great words I know, maybe you should teach me some other day ” she said and ran to school.

Darihma was the first person Dinah saw…. She seems to be so happy that morning. She quickly opened her bag and brought out two rings, she gave me the beautiful golden one. Another one was on her hand then I realized the third one was for Natasha another friend of ours that is a bit close to us.

“wow it looks good, how much did you bought it? ” Dinah asked looking at the ring without putting it on her finger…. I like beautiful things but I don’t put on rings….
“mum brought it from the village” Darihma said…
Natasha giggled at her…”how could her mum go to the village and buy rings while coming back”…

Dinah ignored what she said and put the ring inside her bag….

“you did not even test it to see if the ring is your size ” she said
“don’t worry it’s my size” Dinah said and fake a smile…..

She ran to get a cab to come spend the weekend with me.


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