[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 6

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Later in the evening, the Pastor came, prayed for me and gave me counsel. Sister Margaret was with him. She is also a member of the prayer warriors in church, which my aunty is the leader. She is a very rich lady, married to an oil tycoon and they have four children. Two of her kids attend the same school with me. She told my aunty that she will be coming to see me every evening to talk to me until am healed, so that what happened to me won’t mar me, my aunty agreed.

The next day, I didn’t go to school, I stayed at home as my aunty instructed. She told me to rest for a week before I resume school again. I didn’t do any house chores; my aunty did everything and even brought me breakfast on bed. I was still eating breakfast when I heard a car drive into the compound, I looked out through my window, it was Sis Margaret, I was surprised. I remembered she said she would always come around in the evenings, I wondered what was doing here by this time. Shortly after, she walked into the room with my aunty, with an olive oil in hand.

“Good morning ma!” I greeted her,

“morning, love. How are you feeling this morning?”

“I feel better now” I replied.

“Very good! I know you are a strong girl, now come and give me a hug” she said, as she dropped the olive oil she was holding and spread out her hands.


I got up and reluctantly hugged her. My aunty stood there smiling at us. Sis Margaret held on to me longer than I expected and I began to wonder when she would release her hold on me, but instead, she turned my face and kissed me on the lips, I tried to push her away, but she held on to me, then my aunty said

“Haba Kate, stop fighting it, release your mind and relax your body to enjoy it, kiss her back and don’t force it”


I stopped trying to break free and stood still, while sis Margaret kissed me all over, from my lips to my ears, down to my neck.
I didn’t understand what was going on, I thought my aunty said she won’t allow anyone to touch me, why then is she watching sis Margaret kiss and fondle my b****t this way?

Sister Margaret pulled away from me and undressed herself; I was so surprised, because my aunty never did so. She took my hand and placed on her flat, wrinkled b****t that looks like a 72 years old man slippers,

“Bby, touch me. Squeeze my nipples very hard, hmmm, you are so sweet and fresh” she said as she pressed my right hand tightly on her left b****t.

My aunty was still busy sucking my nipple and moaning, while rubbing my p***y through the light fabric night short I was putting on. After a while, she pulled it off completely and made me lay on the bed, and then she spread my legs so wide and began sucking me, while Sister Margaret put her nipple in my mouth and told me to s**k hard.

Things were happening so fast, I closed my eyes, thinking of my younger sister that was yet to be brought to the house but I was already paying for her to come live with us. I knew I had no other choice, so I decided to swallow my pains and play along, but I knew that one day, I would really make my aunty pay, for messing me up this way. After about an hour of fingering, sucking, kissing and massaging me, they left me.


I lay on the bed for another hour before I went to have my bath. I didn’t hear from them again until I got hungry later in the evening and decided to go make noodles, that was when I saw her, my aunt’s best friend, they were praying together, she was looking so pretty and an evil thought crossed my mind, I knew what I had to do, my pay back plan was about to fall in place, but I needed to get my sister here first before devising my strategy and carrying it out secretly.

I was almost half way into the kitchen, when I heard my name,

“Katherine, biko, bring out the soup from the freezer and microwave it, then make Semo for us, we just ended our 6-6 fasting and we are very hungry. Make much, so you keep for your uncle, to avoid making another one when he gets back” my aunty said. I didn’t reply, but she knew I heard her.



Two days later, my uncle came back with my sister, Kai, my joy knew no bounds, I couldn’t stop hugging her, she was crying profusely, looking so tattered and worn out. She had marks all over her body and cuts from excessive flogging. I kept turning her around to look at various parts of her body.

“Amy, you look beautiful and very fresh. Are you going out, this one you are wearing this fine gown?” She asked me.

My heart broke into pieces, but I held myself from crying, I needed to be strong for her,

“Haba, this is not even my outing cloth, it’s my house cloth. Don’t worry, you are here now, you will start looking fresh and wearing nice clothes just like this one, okay?” I replied between sobs.

I comforted her, she cleaned her eyes and nodded happily, then I took her into my room and told her to freshen up and wait for me, while I go get her something to eat.
I went into the kitchen, closed the door and let out my own tears. I realized I had to fully surrender my body to my aunty and any other person(s) she wishes to bring, for the sake of my sister. Only God knows what my brothers are going through, I thought to myself and right there, at that moment, in that kitchen, I made up my mind to bring my siblings back together. I was almost 16 and the oldest, I felt it was my duty and I would use what I have, to get all that we would need to survive.

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