[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 5

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Licking my v****a with her mouth, the whole thing felt so awkward. I tried to act like it was normal but I couldn’t, so I sat up and told her to stop, that it was disgusting and strange to put her mouth where I pee from. She started laughing and told me to relax, that putting mouth on my vagija is one of the greatest gifts a woman can get in life and a lot of women crave and beg for it, but they don’t get it, so I should thank God that she is giving it to me on a platter of gold because of the love she has for me and I shouldn’t take it for granted.

After explaining, she positioned me properly again and put her mouth there and began to s**k me hungrily. I didn’t feel anything, because of my mindset at that time, I was being forced and the whole thing made me feel like throwing up. She told me not to tell anyone, because they will not understand and be jealous of our love, I nodded and closed my eyes. Then I felt something pierce my v****a opening, I opened my eyes and shifted uncomfortably. I sat up and saw that she was holding a carrot and was trying to put it inside of me, that was when I started crying and begging her to stop, but she refused, I shouted and screamed, but no one heard me.

I begged her with the name of God and Jesus that she respected so much, but she refused and kept hurting me with the carrot until she had gotten more than half of it into me, then she went ahead to twist and twist t it inside of me, while using her left hand to massage my b****t. It hurt so much. Nothing had ever hurt me like that before, that was when my hatred for her started.

When she finished, she cleaned me up and told me not to tell anyone, that she loves me so much and even if I tell anyone, no one will believe me. That night, I became sick, my stomach, private part and legs hurt so much. I couldn’t sleep.



The next morning, I was hot and shivering badly, I couldn’t even stand very well, my uncle saw me trying to balance myself on the kitchen door as not to fall. He quickly ran to me and was shocked as he touched my arm.

“Kathrine, God, you are burning. Your temperature is high. What’s wrong with you?” He asked. I tried to speak, but words failed me.

He called out to his wife, then carried me out, into his car and was about driving out when his wife rushed out and joined us in the car. We headed straight to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor asked how I was feeling, when I started feeling sick and the parts of my body that ached. After I answered, the next question she asked was,

“did anybody forcefully touch your private part?” Before I could answer, my aunty answered,

“No! She is well taken care of and we protect her so much”.

The doctor asked me to go to the laboratory for tests. The tests proved that I had been molested, they even found some particles of blood on my Pant, I didn’t have the strength to shower after what she did to me the last night. My uncle was shocked, he kept asking me who put hands on me, I could see the fire in his eyes,

“who did this to you, Kate? I swear, I will make the evil bloody bastard pay so dearly for this. Who the hell put hands on you?” He asked again as he shook me very hard to reply him.

I started crying, and then my aunty intervened.

“Honey, please, do not worry yourself. I must find out the truth from her, you can see she is still shaken up and rattled. Just go to work, you are already running late. Give us money for cab, when you get home later, we will sort it all out” she said.

She turned to me and told me to stop crying, that everything will be alright, then she hugged me tightly and we walked out of the hospital to get a cab. When we got home, she took me into her bathroom and bathed me. My aunt took special care on my v****a and washed it properly, without doing anything nasty. When she was done, she got warm water with a towel and massaged it and told me to clean my body and go lay on her bed. I did as I was told, I didn’t know when I fell asleep, until she woke me up to eat.

As I was eating, she began talking to me about what happened,

“Katty Love, am truly sorry for what happened yesterday, but it’s for your own good. You need this now more than ever and am the only one that can do it for you. I love you so much and I would never intentionally hurt you in any way. Am sorry, you went through so much pain and I assure you that the next time, won’t be painful, that’s when you will start enjoying it, okay?” She finished.

“It’s okay Aunty, I understand. What we should be worried about now is what to tell Uncle, he seemed furious earlier and am sure he won’t let this go until he gets to the root of it” I replied.

She laughed and told me to forget about her husband, that she will handle him, and in case he tries to talk to me about it, that I should never say a word,

“he is a man and he will want me to handle everything while he offers his full support, don’t even think about it”. She replied.

I nodded in confusion, as I remembered what she told me earlier about next time. Does it mean she will do this to me again? I couldn’t help but ask.

“Aunty, you said next time won’t be this painful, I don’t understand, is there going to be a next time?”

“Of course, my baby. We are lovers now and we will always make love anytime we want it. You were a virgin that was why the first time was painful, the next one won’t be painful and there won’t be any need forc arrot again. Try and get some more rest. Pastor Philip and sis Margaret will be coming over by 5pm to pray for you. He called earlier that my husband told him what happened”

I said okay and she left the room.

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