[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 4

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My Aunt, Mrs. Victoria was the leader of the prayer warriors in church. People send prayer points and requests to her. She was honoured as much as they honoured the pastor of the church and her husband was very proud of her. She doesn’t go a week without fasting. One time, she made me fast, because I slept off during night prayer that was before she started molesting me.


Four hours later, we were back from church and headed into the kitchen to cook, when I sat down on the kitchen stool to slice the vegetables. She told me to go back upstairs and remove my panties, then come back into the kitchen and sit facing her, with my legs spread apart, that she wants to be looking into my v****a, as she cooks.. What’s this woman problem?

I didn’t argue. I ran upstairs and did exactly as she said. I was determined to do anything to make sure my younger sister was safe and sound with me, where I could watch over her, even if it meant allowing my Aunty do evil things to my body.

Later that Sunday evening, her husband went out and she called me into her bedroom, undressed me and told me to lie down on the bed. Note that while all this was going on, she never undressed nor asked me to touch her, she was always fully clothed. It was as if she was using my body for some kind of experiment, I couldn’t tell.

She brought out baby oil, sprinkled it on my body and began to massage me. She started from my shoulders to every other part of my body. She paid extra attention to my b****t and my virgina. I noticed three pieces of carrot close to where the baby oil was. I kept wondering what she needed carrots for, could it be that she wanted us to eat it after the ritual she was performing on my body, or what? I thought to myself. The next thing I heard was,

“Katty, close your eyes. Think of the most amazing place you would like to be. Feel this moment, release yourself and let go of your fears, trust me. I love you so much and would never hurt you. One day, you would thank God I did this to you, and not some stupid guy that doesn’t deserve you. My treasure” she said.

Like a sheep about to be slaughtered, I closed my eyes and tried to think of an ‘amazing’ place. But the only thing that came to my mind was my parents, telling us wonderful stories. I pictured my mum’s lovely smile and my dad’s fearless eyes, how I wished they were still alive.

I snapped back to reality when I felt her spreading my legs apart, then placed a pillow underneath me and positioned me well on it, the next thing I knew, she knelt in between my legs and bent down, staring hard at my virgina, I thought she was looking for something, only for her to put her mouth on it and began to…..


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