Terms of Use


It’s our earnest expectation that these terms of use are honoured and regarded highly by our esteemed followers and lovers of our management, what we do and how we do it.

Our terms of use are as follows:

1. Visitors whether guests, active followers or new readers; are all allowed and advised to share our blog’s content to any social media of their choice, as long as it isn’t copied but shared.

2. We do not tolerate spamming, please make your comments well constructed and understandable.

3. Derogatory comments against the staffs, blog or contents of the blog may not be approved; all comments regarding suggestions, corrections, insults or derogatory remarks should be sent via our email address. We promise to read all and get back to you.

4. Comments may be deleted by any administrator; should the administrator find the comment not worthy, error-filled or not understandable.

5. No advertisement of any sort is permitted. Be it a link, signature or any form of ads. We have a strict policy towards that. If you will like to advertise on our blog, please reach us on email via; admin@naijastoryhub.com

6. The comment section shouldn’t be used as a platform to make request of money, food or any material at all. Please, make comments only regarding the contents.

7. Our giveaways are not mandatory, it is done from the kindness of our heart to appreciate you for being active. Please, appreciate the little we offer and don’t feel entitled to them.

8. We have only one official email address; admin@naijastoryhub.com. We enjoin you to be security conscious and wary of scammers as we won’t request money or any material thing from any follower of the blog. Those who fall into such are completely on their own.

9. Personal information about yourself should not be dropped on the comment section to avoid unnecessary connection to strangers.

10. These terms of use can be changed at anytime without prior notice to the public.

Thank you