[Story] Wild Connect; Episode One

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Wild Connect

season 1


Episode 1 — The Letter.

“Dear Wilders, heeeeeeeeeelp me! I’ve been kidnapped, imprisoned. I don’t know. I’m full of fears, I might die anytime, you guys know I’m still young and too young to die.

I’ve been locked up in a place I’ve no knowledge of, no idea of, nothing. I was beaten on the street, blindfolded and when I woke up. I found myself in a dark four cornered cell. I swear, I haven’t seen the sun since then. I’m getting mad, I’m losing my mind. Can’t even remember where I was taken. Saveeeee me, saaaaave me, Yours Wilder, Blaise Mansa”.

Nachi held the letter tight as if she’d be able to trace Blaise’s whereabout by doing so. She was pained, hurt and sad at the same time.

Where did Blaise go? Is he doing drugs? Is he a gangster? The questions kept popping on and on like an automatic Jamb questioner.

Apart from that, Nachi could still hear Blaise’s words echo from that paper.

“Saaaaave me! Saaaaave me!!”.

It must have been really terrible if he needed to stress the words like that. Just so the readers could understand the kind of predicament he was in.

Nachi squeezed the paper, she walked to her window and looked around the terrains.

“Aha! ” She exclaimed. Just what she needed. A camera perpendicular to her house that could show who dropped the letter in her mailbox.

The camera was from the filling station directly opposite to her house. Nachi got her backpack, wore her cap and headed out. She crossed the road carefully after looking both sides.

“Nachi, Nachi.. you’re here for another favour?” Jesse asked.

“Please, Jesse. I need to check the footage of your cameras from the last 24 hours”.

“Anything for you, just walk into the office. It’s not your first time, you know your way”.

“Thanks, Jesse”.

Jesse was the sole owner of Fill Up Your Cars filling station. He had a serious liking for Nachi, even though she doesn’t look at him that way.

Nachi walked into the office, threw her backpack on a chair that rested against the wall. She removed her face cap and smoothened her hair.

She switched on the HP computer and patiently waited for it to boot; while using her pretty fingers to drum on the desk. It came up at last.

“Now, let’s find you”. She signed.

Nachi started checking the footage patiently, with full focus and seriousness.

She studied the footage carefully. And at the D-moment when she saw the guy dropping the letter in the box, with cap on, carefully avoiding the camera.
A strange truck appeared in front of Nachi’s house, blocking her view of the guy from the camera. Same guy that dropped the letter in her mailbox.

When the truck left, the guy was no where to be found.

Nachi sighed, exhaled and almost cried. She reversed the footage, paused and zoomed in but got nothing out of the guy’s figure, face or anything.

“Mtcheew! Rubbish. He’s a professional”. She thought to herself.

She hurriedly picked up her backpack and dashed outside, of course not forgetting her bag. This was a case bigger than her. She needed the team; she needed the WILDERS.

Approaching the exit gate, Nachi heard a familiar voice she has gotten so tired of hearing.

“Heeeey, Nachi. Leaving?”.

“Yeeees, Jesse. Soommmething came up”. She said from afar.

“Howwww about dinner tonight?” He retorted.

“Not a good time, Jesse! Not a goood time”.

© Clint II Oxide.

To be continued…

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