[Story] Wild Connect; Episode 3

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Wild Connect Series

Season 1

Episode 3 — Infiltration Plan

Starring: Nachi, Wisdom, Yomee, Verald, Elia, Derry, Vally, Kiels, Modupe, Clinton.

After waiting too long for them to get to the ninth floor. Nachi went outside Wisdom’s apartment and found most of them talking and catching up.

“Please, rush in. We have too much work to do!” She hollered.

“This isn’t a party??” Yomee asked, which was ignored by everyone.

They walked into Wisdom’s big fat living room that had the capacity to house over twenty people at once. So, space wasn’t the problem.

“Uh, I think someone isn’t here”. Nachi looked at their faces one after the other, trying to find out who.

“It’s Clinton, dummy!” Wisdom said pointing to the strange figure that stood by the door since she started talking. Too shy to talk, too afraid to sit.

“Uhmm”. He cleared his throat.

“Hello, everyone”. Clinton managed to say, no one answered. Instead, they all laughed including Modupe that had been keeping a long face.

“Hello, Clint. Please sit.” Nachi said, she waited until he sat before she continued.

“Now, I know you all received the emails I sent inviting you here for this gathering. I’ll say this short and clear. Blaise has been kidnapped”.

There was murmuring and noise making all over the room.

“Which Blaise?!” Oliver broke the noise with his question.

“Yeah, which Blaise? I know he’s macho and all. He can’t be beaten easily” Vally supported.

Nachi rested on the back of a sofa nearby, she then covered her eyes and bowed in grief.

“I mean, if anyone is to be kidnapped. It’s Clinton”. Kiels said. The whole crowd laughed again, with Derry rolling on the ground like a drunk.

“You guys are so stupid! Very stupid! A friend of ours is no where to be found. And you’ve the luxury, the audacity , the impetus – – -“.

“Enough with the Grammer, Uncle Wisdom”. Derry wanted to make a joke, but nobody laughed this time. On knowing the seriousness of the matter on ground, they couldn’t laugh.

“Idiot!” Wisdom said to him.

“You guys should just freshen up. There are enough rooms to go around. Let’s meet 10pm at the conference room. Dinner will be served”. Wisdom said and dismissed the team.

At that moment, Nachi admiration for Wisdom grew like a tree. He could be silly at times. But here he was, acting like a leader.

“Nachi, why didn’t you tell me about Blaise?” Wisdom woke her from her mini daydream.

“There was no time, I’m sorry”.

Derry interrupted again, he came in-between both of them and gave Nachi a hug.

“Wisdom, my man. Great speech, I owe you a bottle of bear”. Oliver tapped Wisdom by his shoulder. He was about to reply before they heard Kiels screaming.

“Ahhh! I almost stepped on these broken, broken – – eh”.

“Kiels, you mean you don’t know what a vase is?” Elias asked.

“Woman, just sweep this thing. Eh, Vase!”‘. Kiels replied.

At exactly 10pm, the team was complete at the conference room. It had a circular table, a big screen TV, beautiful vases all around filled with flowers and a chandelier hanging at the top. It sure looked presidential.

“Welcome, everyone.” Wisdom greeted.

“Before the meeting starts, I must stress on how important having a leader is. Every team needs a leader, whether temporal or permanent to achieve goals”.

“And in this team, Clinton is the temporal leader”.

“Clean- who?” Yomee asked, giving a funny look.

“It’s the decision of myself and Wisdom. Besides, Onyedikachi always recommended him”. Nachi said.

“But he isn’t Onye – -“.

“I’m going to get Blaise and set him free. And I promise, I won’t lose any of you doing so”. He said with so much confidence and without fear, it almost looked like Clinton had multiple personas.

The conference room was quiet, no one made noise. No one laughed.

“Clinton, address the team” Wisdom said, getting distracted by the attractive female waitress serving catfish pepper soup and drinks to the team members.

“Okay! Because of time, I’ll make this snappy. I’ve narrowed our search to 3 prisons. Of which one must have our dear Blaise”.

“When did you do this?” Modupe asked.

“When you guys were laughing and dancing”.

Yomee took a spoon of pepper soup and swallowed. He took more and gulped it down.

“Oh, you guys weren’t dancing. Or were you?”

On hearing this, Yomee laughed crazily. Spitting most of the pepper soup in his mouth onto Vally’s white dress. He thought Clinton must’ve been too engrossed on what he was doing that he couldn’t tell if they were dancing or not.

“What a pig!”. She stood up to beat him. But stopped.

“That’s pepper soup. He’s choking! Get water” Clinton screamed.

“He must’ve swallowed a bone while eating.” Elias said.
All the teammates were up. Helping Yomee in every way they could. Derry on the other hand , held his laughter. No one noticed. It got too much. He couldn’t control it. He ran to the restroom, opened the door and closed it immediately.

“Hahaha hahah, Hahaha hahhahaha, fish bone. Pepper soup, funny people. Hahaha”. He laughed to his fill.

Luckily for Yomee, he was saved in time. And a word he didn’t speak until the meeting was adjourned.

“It’s been a long night. Let’s continue this tomorrow. Good night, everyone”. Clinton said and left the premises, without talking to anybody.

© Clint II Oxide.

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