[Story] Wild Connect; Episode 2

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Wild Connect

Season 1

Written by: Fidelis Clinton

Episode 2 — Gathering Comrades.

Starring: Nachi Sam, Wisdom Onouha, Modupe, Oliver, Vally and Others.

Nachi hurriedly took a cab heading to Crystal street; a street notable for its tall buildings and beauty. But she wasn’t going for sightseeing. She was going to see someone.

She must have been too tired to drive herself there or maybe the fear of facing Blaise’s abductors got the best of her.

“We’re here, ma’am”. The cab driver woke her out of her deep thought.

She paid her fare, alighted and advanced into the building. The security guards didn’t bother to check her, they were well familiar with her.

The building looked like an hotel and each time Nachi visited, she wondered how he could afford such luxury, knowing the kinds of stuffs he was into.

She walked into the elevator.

“Is it 8 or 9?” She asked herself, but soon pressed a number.

On the ninth floor, after walking few metres forward. She recognized his room by the note that hung on the door knob:

“If you’re a hot lady, please knock”.

These were the sort of things Wisdom did that annoyed her. The last time’s was:

“If you do not have big breasts or a*s, don’t bother knocking”.

The time before the last:

“I’m not a Vampire, but you’d be surprised at how good I can s**k”.

The most annoying that she can never forget was the one that said:

“Trust in me and let me thrust in you”.

Nachi was about to knock when she noticed something odd; The door was standing ajar. It either meant Wisdom had been kidnapped or something else she couldn’t think of was going on.

Putting her hand into her handbag, Nachi brought out her 9mm and pepper spray. The 9mm for her right hand in case she encountered a kidnapper and the pepper spray for her left Incase it was a molester.

Slowly, she moved the door and walked in. The horrible sounds she heard sounded as if Mia Khalifa was holding a conference in that room.

“Ahh! You’re killing me. Don’t dare stop, I’ll kill you”.

“Faster! Faster!! Faster!!”.

From what Nachi was hearing, she could deduce that Wisdom was putting his thrust in a lady and it annoyed her. More than anything, she wished for it to stop.

She followed the sound slowly like the wise men followed the star, until it led her to a door.
She kicked the door of the room with a hard force.

“Oh, blood of Jesus! Wisdom, what are you doing?”.

“Cooking beans?”. Wisdom retorted annoyingly.

“You don’t know how to knock?” He asked, still annoyed. Quickly finding a cloth to cover his thighs.

The embarrassed girl dashed out of the room, using the blanket to cover her gorgeous body.

“I’ll see you later, Sweet neighbour”. Wisdom yelled after.

“Please, put some clothes on. I’ll wait”.

“Show stopper” He whispered.

“Did you say something?” Nachi turned and asked.

“Go to the sitting room or do you want to see something?”.

“Something I’d need a microscope to see? No thanks”.

Sitting in the sitting room, Nachi thought about how easy she got into Wisdom’s room. If he was a target of Blaise’s abductors, he sure would be dead by now.

“Hey, Nachi! What are you thinking, Tinkerbell?”. Wisdom asked, buttoning his blue shirt.

“You tell me! Who’s that girl?”.

“New neighbor, she saw the sign. She knocked and things was happening until you came in. I didn’t even – – -“. He didn’t complete the statement noticing the reaction on her face.

“Blaise told us; only unite with the members. If you’re betrayed by family, cool. You know who to hit, if you’re betrayed by strangers, who do you hit?”.

“Look, Nachi! Blaise’s rules are outdated and rules are meant to be broken”.

“Rules are meant to be broken?” She asked.

“Yeah, sure”.

Nachi sighted a vase resting calmly on the dining table, she picked it up, lifted it to the air and gave it a fine throw.

“Wtf! This girl is mad”. Wisdom said as the vase touched the floor and broke to pieces.

“Since rules are breakable, so are vase”.

Wisdom was about to talk but got distracted with the incessant revving of cars coming from the window. He got to the window and saw various cars about three or four.

He stressed his eyes to see if he could recognize the people coming out from the cars. First, it was Verald Naza and Elia Naza coming out from a Cadillac that shone bright as the sun.

Then, Vally Daisy, slowly came out of her monster truck. It was the kind of vehicle that announced a person’s arrival before the person’s entry. Reason Wisdom was distracted in the first place.

Modupe came out from his Porsche. Wisdom was totally confused, he recognized these people but what was the purpose of their visit?

He saw Derry, Oliver and even Yomee. He couldn’t tell what kind of vehicle they came in or probably their vehicles didn’t stand out like the others.

Not knowing what to do, he turned to Nachi and like a child who had seen a ghost; he asked:

“Who died?!”.

© Clint II Oxide.

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