[Story] The Witch Handwriting; Episode 3

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Lucy and I arrived at the prayer house earlier than 5pm…Lucy is my best friend. We decided to see the prophet one on one, before we could narrate what happened to me he’d know already.

“My sister, your problem is right beside you. Your mother…. She’s a witch, she has tied your destiny and marriage so that you’ll never care about yourself….. Do you feel oppressed at night? I mean like someone pressing your neck at night? ” he asked….

I began to cry, yes of a truth I do feel oppressed by somebody at night but I never knew who was it cause the person always dress in black…. “yes sir” I said nodding my head in affirmation.

“You see, she’s the one behind it and she has to die… Before we kill her and her works we have to perform some rite and it will cost you money ” he said

“No problem sir, I’ll pay any amount cause the Bible says suffer not a witch to live” I said….

He gave us day to come back for the prayer section……

I felt bad hearing my mother was behind everything that was happening to me, despite all I’ve done for her she is still after my life and destiny…. She must die.

I called all my siblings to tell them that our mother was a witch but all of them insisted. I know she had used their brain. I also called Dinah to inform her, I received the worst from her…. She said I’m the witch instead.


Dinah who was angry at what I said reported to her mum. Mama .T. cried immediately when she had what Dinah told her about her daughter…. “how could I be a witch and also against my daughter…. If I want to destroy her destiny I would have done that the very day I gave birth to her by killing her” she said confusedly

“mama, forget about her and her fake prophet, she herself is also a witch okay? ” she said trying to cheer her mum up

“Whoever that’s prophet is trying to separate me and my daughter should be judged by God and earth ” she coursed in tears

“Don’t worry mama” she said.




Darihma feeling happy it works out, although she did not let Dinah to see her when she had the visit to the palace but she was there. Darihma told their king about Natasha, he gave her more power to deal with her, if she cannot deal with her then she should initiate her either through food or eye contact.



On a sunny Monday morning, Dinah dressed for school early as usual. She walked to school hurriedly like someone late for school but she was not late at all.

When she got to school, she ran to her class trying to avoid senior students that like assigning junior to sweep their classroom. While she was trying to run, she dashed her foot on a stone towards her class, she almost fell but he hand grab her. She stared at the hand for long before looking at the face, she jumped up at once seeing the face…..

“Thanks dear, I would have been bruise by now if not for you ” she said, it was Israel her everyday crush.

He smiled and stared at her for a while, he really likes her but he never got the opportunity to express himself, although he knew she felt same but he wasn’t sure of himself “can we be friends? ” he moves to the straight point.

She smiled and arch her brow, “yeah, we can” she said smiling and blushing. Israel hardly speaks to girls so she felt respected.


The king (spiritual) who monitors his wife, Dinah at every move was shocked when he saw her smiling with a guy. He was angry. After all the promises she had made to him, she has forgotten so soon…. “Humans are not always honest with themselves” he said.

Dinah was still smiling when the kings spirit swiftly entered into her body…

She moved her body vigorously at Israel’s front, he was surprised….
“Are you dancing ” he asked confusedly
“are you really asking me such question? Can’t you see I’m engaged or is it because I was smiling at you? ” the king’s spirit in her asked

Israel looks at her a bit confused “I mean no harm, just a friend ” he said
“who want to be your friend?” she asked “but you accepted to be my friend” he said
“not me, stay away from me ” she said and try to walk away but he held her wrist, she slapped him with her left hand and he fell immediately.

The slap sank into his brain, he never knew when he fell. Immediately she left, a voice whispered at him “good for you ” he turned to see the person. It was Darihma, he ignored her and stood up.

When Darihma got to her class she discovered Dinah was not really herself, she saw her master in her so she bow while Dinah smiled at her.

They both discussed in spiritual language until Natasha came. Natasha was anointed by her father before coming to school. When the king in Dinah saw her he left Dinah immediately and ran away, he doesn’t want to use Dinah to fight Natasha. Dinah was confused when he left her, she never knew she was under influence.


I was sleeping when the usual oppression began, I struggled hard to wake up, when I got up I knelt down and prayed gently for God to reveal the oppressor to me cause I felt guilty when my siblings became angry for calling our mother a witch. After praying the oppressor came this time it was plainly shown to her. It was my mother, I cried and prayed that God should reveal the truth to my siblings.



When Kura Was a young boy, he had an agreement with some gods…. He took covenant with the gods that he and his descendants will serve the God’s forever….

To fulfill the covenant, he created a shrine and and called it Avoka meaning almighty. He took the oat that he will teach his children about the God’s and tell his children to teach their children so that it will be their way of life.

The gods accepted…. “what about any of your off spring who proof to be stubborn by not worshipping us? ” one of the gods asked Kura
“cut off their life or torture them cause they must do as I do” he said

In full agreement, a lightening showed with a straight lines on the face of the sky, sound of thunder followed it immediately meaning the gods agreed to Kura’s words.


*********FEW YEARS LATER***********

Kura died, his children kept to his words, they kept worshipping the carved image at the shrine who provides all their needs until Adams was born. Adams got married to Mama .T.(my mother)

He left the village immediately he married her and took her to the city where they started new life at the city….

Adams wife gave birth to baby boy, he named him Timothy. That was why his wife is known as mama T.

After Timothy, Maureen and two others were born before Dinah was born. Adams refused to tell his children about the gods. Instead he took them to church and dedicated them as Christians. Dinah was born with the mark of Avoka that was why the king of water respected her.

The gods became angry, they stroke Adams with incurable diseases and made him dream horrible. He had to go back to the village. At the village, the priest who understood the gods language told Adams to bring his children for cleansing against the wrath of the gods.

Adams went back to the city to take his wife and children but his wife insisted of going, she boldly told him to hell with their gods that she’ll hold on to the God of Christian. Her children also insist on following their father. They don’t want to go to village.

Adams went back to the village with the sad news to the priest that mama T had proved stubborn.

The priest reported to the gods, the gods decided to course the family that the female children will never get married while the male children will struggle in vein.

Adams whom the gods blamed was strike with serious sickness until he died.

At mama T, the gods use her to torment the children at night. While she sleeps at night, the priest would invoke her spirit and use it to torment the children causing confusion so that the children might think their mother is a witch.

Her children’s eyes were closed but Maureen’s eyes was open to see but she doesn’t know it was not her mother


Back To The Present.

I knew the prophet will not lie, mum is a witch. I picked my phone and called Dinah but she did not pick, I wonder why she refused to pick my call. She might be angry with me, I need to go and see them before it will be too late… If she doesn’t kill me tonight…. I’ll surely kill her during the day…..


To Be Continued…

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