[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 45

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“You taste so good, baby” he whispered as he came up for air, licking his lips.

I grabbed his head and pulled him up to my face, pulled his strong body on top of me.
I kissed his mouth, tasting myself on his lips.

“Please put it in me, daddy, I cant wait any longer.”

He pushed his hands beneath my shoulders and my waist and rolled onto his back, taking me with him so I ended up on top of him. He raised his b**t off the bed and I pulled down his trouser and shorts. His hard d**k bounced up, as it broke free from its confines. Underneath this were his big round balls, pulled up tightly against his body, filled with cum and all set to quench the raging fire inside me. I touched and felt the warmness of his d**k, getting up again, I firmly grasped his d**k and held it against my p***y. The tip easily found the slick opening, and when I sank down a little, I felt the round head pop inside.

I could finally look into my our Pastor’s eyes and saw the look of rapture as his d**k inched its way deeper into my body. I’m sure I must have had the very same look as he plunged in. Deeper and deeper he went, until, at last, my b**t came to rest on his legs and I knew I had taken it in all inside me. Without the thin wall to separate us, he had slid in much deeper than he had done before, touching places that had never been touched and giving pleasure I had never known. Yet, even that was nothing compared to what was to come when I finally started moving.

Now that I was on top of him, I was able to control much of our motions. A whole new world of sexual delight opened up as my hips began to move; up and down, back and forth, rolling and twisting. every which way I moved gave a different, but always delightful new sensation. If I leaned forward, my clitoris pressed nicely against his body and when I leaned back, his d**k rubbed against the sensitive nerves inside my p***y. The hard part was to tune my motions in sync with that of our pastor, so we were moving as if we were one. My b****t too were dangling right before him as I moved up and down.

The most greatest pleasure was when he turned my clit into playground, my breath nearly seized. This man and his anointing! I quickly begged him stop before I collapse on him. So I started my move again but thankfully there were his hands to guide me. They were planted firmly on my behind, grabbing the cheeks and gently pressing me down when he flexed up and always preventing me from rising too far and have him slip out of me.

We worked perfectly together to achieve that highest level of ecstasy and it wasn’t long before the muscles inside me tensed up in anticipation of the first of a long series of orgasms. As I rocked my hips again and let my clit rub against his body, waves of bliss swept over my body. And again there were those hands of him that guided me through this, moving my a*s up and down, fucking him while I came. However, Daddy held me close to his chest and rolled me on my back again, he ending on top of me. He supported his upper body with his arms to prevent it from crushing me, while his lower body rested between my legs. His d**k had never left my p***y, and as he lay on me, he began to thrust again. As I lay underneath him, I really felt how much stronger he was. I did not stand a chance against the pleasure he was giving me. He kept fucking me with long powerful strokes, in a slow relentless rhythm that lifted me higher with every thrust until I couldn’t take it any more and had to bite his shoulder to prevent me from screaming out in orgasmic joy. This man must have been fan of pornography, he touched my clit again and again as he stroke which made me forgot even my own name.

My legs folded behind his back, locking him deep inside me as waves of ecstasy wracked my body over and over again. His ability to move was severely restricted by this orgasmic stranglehold, but he kept fucking me through what felt like a never ending series of climaxes. Then, as he looked deep in my eyes again, his powerful body became rigid and I felt his d**k jerk inside me with reckless abandon. Stronger than before that I began to cum, I wrapped my arms round his neck, I could not let him go for the pleasure was so high. It was the anointed on him made him just too good and special.

Suddenly we heard the door opened, but who are we to care when as at that time, we have reached the highest climax of the pleasure, he jerked me the more, fiercely, I knew he was about to cum. The footsteps was more audible,

“F**k me hard” I pronounced.

We could not stand the ecstasy, we closed our eyes.

“Pastor! What is this?” A voice shouted beside the bed.

But none of us could pay attention because he was spilling his seed inside me at that moment. His body shivered, vibrating while his seed cooled my entire body as it sent me to a new paradise. We Strongly held ourselves closely.

“Katherine, you’ve killed me o!” the voice cried again.

His seed gushed out for the second time,

“geez!” He Moaned.

As the thing ended, I heard a big slap on our  pastor head who was just finishing a deliverance ministry on me. Then we gained our consciousness. I can’t believe what I saw as I opened my eyes, our pastor ran to his clothes, pleading and said

“It’s the work of the devil”.

I looked again, alas! It’s Mrs Margaret, our pastor’s wife.

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