[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 44

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Till the weekend, we hardly talk in the house: My Uncle, Aunty and myself. I know my uncle want me but his action with Mrs Margaret visit held him back. I told my aunty on Saturday morning that I would be joining the church members for evangelism. I called our Pastor, if he could make it, meeting me in the afternoon. He could not help himself, he said for days now his wife has been on strike that he could not pour away his milk.

“I promise to be there, in fact, you’re God sent”.

I wondered the kind of marriage these people are living without s*x. I just pray it never be my portion.

“Sir, please the documents when coming”.

He assured me and promised to see me at dusk. My little sister wanted to follow me, she said as I became famous since that last program made her too quest to be like me.

“Please, let me go with you so that people will recognize me too”.

What’s wrong with this little girl? “Common! It is an adult evangelism, your attention won’t be needed.”

She frowned at me. “Do you know my age? I’m no more a child…” I cut in.

I know she is too wiser than her age,

“Make sure you join us in the next bible study so that you too will be famous like your big sister. I promise to teach you everything you need to know so that you can answer any question in the program”.

I told her & use the uncle’s desktop in the sitting room to log in to naijastoryhub.com website where she can read educative stories too. It was this time she agreed and let me have a restful mind. So, I prepare and took bike to my new apartment.



Our Pastor stood at the gate waiting for me,

“Hurry up and let’s go inside, I think there’s aspy” he said as he held me by wrist.

What is he saying that I don’t understand? I asked,

“What do you mean by ‘spy’, have you joined politics?”

He locked the gate behind us and headed straight to the sitting room. I kept staring at him because he owed me and explanation.

“Daddy, what’s going on and where is the document?” He gazed at me, he knew my moody has taken over my existence.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just have a feeling someone is following me, but don’t worry, we are safe. Moreover, it’s mere feeling, nothing more.” He assured.

I sighed. “Please can I walk round at least to check out the building”. He told me to go that he would stay preparing us something.

I took my time, examined the whole building. It was so perfect and beautiful. I know my siblings would really love it. There’s a resting space beside the house and a pool at the back.

“Katherine, congratulations, your plan and all your efforts were not in waste.” I spoke to myself. So, gladly I returned inside. He served me an Orange juice,

“daddy, you made the juice?” He nodded.

“Wow! It’s really nice but can’t compare it to your juice which I’m about to s**k out between your legs.” He looked at me with a gentle smile.

His d**k kicked its way out till it became notice.

“Sir, the document!”. It caught him unaware.

“Oh! Sorry, I almost forgot” he announced.

He handed me over the documents, having my full name has the owner.

“Thanks Daddy”, I said.

I ran to him on the chair with a strong and passionate kiss. I knew how desperately he wanted me, so I quickly stood while he rose up with me. I turned to the room direction, he was standing right behind me, his erection firmly pushed against my rear. I giggled flirtatiously and turned around, grabbed him by his waistband and dragged him with me into the bedroom. Standing against the bed, I let my dress fall to the floor, pulled our pastor against my body and gave him a long and hot kiss.  He pulled away the tiny black triangles that covered my b****t and p***y and let them fall to the floor as well, leaving me naked in front of his hungry eyes. I took his hand and lay it on my chest. He caressed my firm b****t and flicked the nipple with his finger.

“Baby, you’re so beautiful and special” he said as drew me even closer.

He bent a little and kissed me again. While I was still a little dazed from the erotic kiss, he scooped me off the floor and carefully laid me down on the big soft bed. He tenderly kissed and licked every square inch of my naked body, from my face down to the soles of my feet and then slowly worked his way back up via the inside of my legs. With every kiss he came nearer to my inflamed p***y.

I whimpered softly as he slowly inched his way ever more closely. I could already feel his hot breath on my moist lips. Finally he reached its target. His tongue traced the folds of my sugary p***y, dipped inside for a moment, and then followed its way up to my protruding clit. The tip of his tongue flicked my little nub, sending chills of pleasure down my spine. He closed his mouth again and swallowed the top part of my p***y, sucking softly and still flicking my clit with his tongue with reckless abandon. Loud slurping noises sounded from his mouth as he drank my flowing juices.

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