[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 43

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She unzipped her own dress slipping from her shoulders. She pulled it down, exposing her breasts. I sat up and touched her tenderly, lightly teasing my fingers over her skin. She felt electricity rush through her everywhere I touched. She wanted to say something. She wanted to tell me how desperate she want me ever since we returned from the Bible study. It was then I remembered the scenario between Mrs Margaret and uncle. I widened my eyes, saw my aunty who was no more on this planet as she shut her eyes enjoying the touch. Can I just break up and discuss my brother with her again? She suddenly pushed me back so I laid flat on the bed. She leaned over me and began grinding her hips into mine. Our bare thighs rubbed up against one another while our nipples collided, sending a shiver through her spine. She leaned forward and pushed her breasts into my little mouth, reveling in the sensations that overtook her as I licked, sucked her nipples, her breath grew short. I turned her over, reached underneath her soft lacy panties and found her inner lips wet. I began to stroke her Softly at first, then with more force. I found her clitoris, teasing it expertly as I can. She moaned, nearly bursting with passion. I told her to cover her mouth or I stop which she did. I looked at her as my finger sent electric shockwaves through her most intimate of areas. She could barely see straight. She cried out,

“Yes, yes… God yes!” she moaned as her body exploded in orgasmic pleasure.

I kept stroking her until her orgasm finally subsided. I slowly withdrew my fingers from her and let her catch her breath.

“Aunty, I’m running away from this house”. In shock, she rose, looked into my eyes in bewilderment.

“What! Tell me you’re joking”. She said.

I licked my fingers romantically and said,

“Aunty, your juice is sweet and wish to have more but…” She cut in,

She drew me closer to herself, our lips collided again as we began marathon kiss. She teased my nipples while I traced my fingers downward until it reached her p***y. Her body responded immediately. I know she desperately need me right now. I played her clitoris, her body vibrated the more. Then I released myself and pulled her away.

“Aunty, you know I love you and now I cannot deny my heart belongs to you. (I paused) Every part of me wants you but…” She gripped my head forcing it down her tight,

“please s**k me.” She moaned.

I can’t believe my aunty could still not understand my sermon, I slowly stepped away from her, helped her with her pant.

“What! Katty, are you serious? You just said you love me right? I nodded. “Then prove it, s**k me madly.”

I began to think if my aunty has been drugged or could horny actually make someone forget sense of reasoning? I left her, unlock the door and turned to her.

“Aunty, there’s just one thing I need from you. Please, get my brothers here then I shall forever be yours.”

There is no other time I could look up to my aunty than now when she was enjoying me.

“Is that why you denied me my right?” She questioned. I kissed her lips and whispered,

“I’m very sorry my love”. I think someone is at the stairway. Please get dress.”


Just few more minutes the door broke open. It was my uncle. Thank God we’ve already worn our clothes. His expression changed, he thought he would catch us fucking ourselves. I knew he would start another scene, so I knelt by my aunty with tears on my cheek…am so good in acting

“Is everything alright? He asked.

My aunty too was surprised seen my action. They both left to their room while I stayed back showered and prepared for the night, before I slept, I text my Aunty, “I Love You” I was only trying to make her pleased with me.

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