[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 42

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At evening, I sprinkled baby oil on my body in my skimpy night wear, positioned my self on a sofa in the sitting room waiting for my aunty. I planned to rock her hole and make it special that she won’t resist my obligations. I sat cross leg, waiting sexually for her arrival. Not quite long, sister Margaret Cat-walked in, got shocked the moment she saw me in that position,

“Oh baby! You look fresh and untouched”.

She looked round the house if anyone is not in and ran to me. Kissed me all over,

“Please stopped” I yanked at her.

I didn’t want evil like her to spoil all my good plans. It is better she moved away before my aunty arrived.

“Katty, is anyone around? She whispered, why pushing me away. Come girl, let’s enjoy ourselves. You know how much I’ve missed you”

She closed again, touching me recklessly while I never hesitated to push her further away.

“What exactly do you want me to do, baby. Just name your price”, she pleaded romantically.

Her request touched my heart, because desperately I need money to finally settle down but this is not a right time likewise a good place to do such, since my aunty might probably be on her way home.

“I don’t have time for all this, please free me, don’t spoil my special moment. Pick up what you came for & leave” I yearned at her,

I didn’t even notice my uncle was already standing by, watching. “Hmm” He cleared throat.


“Church holy holy, here you are, struggling to take advantage of my little girl, so it is true they say “your faith is in your heart”. When will you ladies desist from all sort of this rubbish and hypocritical life.”

Mrs Margaret was at first silent, she got shocked, never knew my uncle was watching.

“Ehm, sir, please. I…I… I’m very sorry.”

“What did I just hear you say?” My uncle alarmed.

I stood by watching seasonal movie😂. My uncle yapped her till she too flared up.

“Do your worst, you can’t make me feel bad. Do you think I don’t know of how you slept with ladies around or how your waywardness infected Katherine with chlamydia yet you never thanked my husband & I for treating such infection. Better you treat yourself before it becomes life threatening to your family”.

My uncle calmed like a morning akamu as Mrs Margaret departed through the exit door. I know the things are just falling apart right now, I must not stay long with my Uncle in this dress as my aunty could enter at anytime.

“I’m sorry sir… I…” I managed touch his chest.

“Don’t dare touch me, so you told them everything about us, in fact, you really surprised me Kate”.

He walked away from the house without giving me a chance to speak. Well, I think it is still best way because of my initial plan with my aunty. But I kept praying as he left, he shouldn’t go to cause more troubles in Mrs Margaret house. My heart pounded heavily, I just have to retire to my room, laid and rethink how to settle the matter before it break all my plans. I didn’t know when I slept off.


My aunty woke me up. I saw her sat beside me on bed. She smiled at me as she touched me up and down.

“You look s**y and fresh”. She dropped her bible on the floor and laid down with me.

“Please, let’s close the door aunty before uncle bang in” I pleaded.

She locked the door and returned to me on bed, “aunty, we need to talk”.

She ignored me and ran up her hands the back of my legs, teasing underneath my dress. She pulled me closer to her as our lips met, then instantly locked in a passionate kiss. There was no resistance at all, I touched her in the same manner. She moaned softly and pressed her lips more forcefully against my mouth, our lips pressed against each other, her tongue dancing lightly inside my delicious little mouth. I felt her hand reaching up higher under my dress, teasing the edges of my silk pant. I let out a quiet moan, unable to keep my arousal in check. My legs were growing so weak as they were falling apart. My inner thighs where Aunty was teasing were on fire. My nipples were hard and pressed against the front of my dress, begging to be pinched and sucked. My breath was hot and I got turned on. This time I couldn’t even think of my uncle. She reached her hand down and squeezed my upper thigh, then raised up my leg and pulled me closer. She thrust her hips forward, rubbing her pelvis against me in a slow, sensual rhythm. My eyes widened as I felt her tongue probing the insides of my mouth as she pushed me down back to bed. I felt my legs being spread open and my arms being pushed behind me. She’s just so good at this… She placed her hands on my breasts and pinched my nipples lightly. She slipped my dress from shoulders and ran her tongue over my breasts and nipples, enjoying the way they felt in her mouth. She continued kissing and sucking on me with reckless abandon, eagerly devouring every inch of my exposed skin as she moved her hands down my body, once again pressing her fingers against my soft mound. I moaned beneath her.

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