[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 41

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The next morning, I apologized to my aunty for not making it up to her. She said she would return early, because of me that she hardly could sleep throughout the whole night.

“My angel, you made my heart ceased, in fact, your love has entered my heart and now I wish to spend the rest of my life with you.” She pecked me and zoomed out.


I went back to my room, this is the right time to act, so I called our pastor on phone. “Hello daddy, you didn’t… He cut in,

“don’t worry my dear, I will pray for you when I get to the office. I wish you a wonderful day”.

The called ended, I looked at the screen again and again, what is wrong with this man, has he so forgotten of me? People with different charade, well, I will wait for his call. Maybe he will not remember what he called “paradise apple”. It was just an hour later, he called, begging me his wife was with him when I called.

“Sir, can’t you leave your wife for me? Between me and your wife, who do you enjoy most? I asked.

“Oh! My precious apple, you too know now, I can’t trade you with her. You’re my life, he replied. I know I’m only taking risk, but it is impossible for a man of God to divorce his wife for a young girl like you. You are barely 18”.

“Daddy, I want you for my self and me only for the rest of my life, please can you divorce your wife and marry me?”

He shuggled on phone. “Amy, you know my status, how it can ruin everything I have built up…”

“Sir, sorry daddy, I cut in, you have to forget about me in that case. Don’t ever need me or look for me. I am no more yours”. I ended the call immediately.

I was so good in my acting. I actually never meant everything I’ve said. He called so many times but I pretended like being furious with him. After so many trials he texted me. Begging me to pick his call and promise he will do whatever I demanded of him but not divorce his wife because he can’t do without me. His message touched my heart, I quickly calculated and ceased the little joke to make my life better. I called him back.

“Hello”, that’s all I said.

“Pls my baby, just tell me whatever I can do to satiate you? Name it, I must not loose you for anything, you too know how much I need you”.

“Fine, I uttered. I need five hundred thousand in my account right now if you want us to stick together”. “

” Kate, you mean…ahh! Isn’t that too much? Moreover, you are still young to need such amount?”

“So I was not young when you bang me, or I was not young when your big d**k made my p***y wide like fry pan? It seems you don’t mean business. Bye”.

He won’t let me end the call, I know.

“Wait, I will send it. Give me your digit but promise nothing will separate us” he demanded.

How could man of God think this way, so he didn’t have any future ambition for me than enter me till the rest of his life.

“Sir, I’m for you, whenever you take good care of me & meet my needs”.


Few minutes after the call, I received an alert of 500K. Now, it’s time to finally settle down, just two things I still need. My brothers must get here as soon as possible, I will have to put more pressure on my aunty and uncle. It doesn’t matter if I’m to f**k them than ever and as well, I must collect that apartment document from our pastor.

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