[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 40

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My heart raced when I saw the beautifully black thick, hardy d**k snap up against his taut belly.

I fixed my eyes on him as I leaned down and took his impossibly hard flesh in my hand, drawing him upright to lower my mouth toward his soft part. He moaned the second as my breath hit him, but the throaty rumble he released as my lips enclosed the head-cap turned me on. Suddenly, my mouth was full of rich tangy flesh with my hand wrapped around the base, I kept my eyes on his wincing face as I stroked the upper half of his cock with my moist lips. He groaned deeper, harder, reaching for my face as he gazed at me sucking his d**k. I stroked his shaft with my mouth only made my pulse beat harder and faster While the broiling emptiness of my p***y was scratching at the walls of my consciousness. I know he enjoyed it to have fill my mouth with his ice cream.

I finally released his pulsing d**k from my mouth, pulled his shorts the rest of the way off and yanked off my pant. His eyes were constantly on me as I moved back over him to sit my legs aside his hips. Holding his d**k in place, I finally lowered my smoothly waxed p***y onto his rigid d**k slightly. We groaned at the same time, and he pulled me forward to kiss my lips as I began to ride his length with the rocking drive of my hips. He gripped my a*s tightly, pulling me open as he met the rock of my hips with his thrusting d**k.

I felt the power in his hips, in the unrelenting push and pull of his impossibly thick d**k while he kissed me with a hunger that made my head swim. I started to cum, but he held on, holding back his explosion as he drove into me deeper and faster.

Finally, he rolled, taking me with him, until I found myself lying beneath him. His d**k was still embedded deeply in my p_ssy as he gazed down at me. He drove his throbbing stalk deeply into my body.

The slick, see-saw friction of his solid girth was turning me into some raw, twisting thing. Some helpless organism fed on its own needs and desires just as I felt the telltale ripples of another climax, he reared upright and pulled his cock out of my body, leaving me panting and inflamed.

“I want you from behind,” he said simply.

Between his growling tone and wild look of need, I couldn’t speak. I gazed at his c_ck as it stood up, glistening with my honey, then I rolled over and tucked my knees under my body, as I raised my a*s for him.

He gripped and squeezed at my cheeks while his wet cock ground back into the sheath between my swollen s*x hips.

“Oh, f**k, Daddy…yes,” I moaned as he thrust hard and deep into my p_ssy.

My eyes watered. My p***y wouldn’t stop rippling from within as he drove me hard to the edge. My heart too was pounding as I reached back between my own cheeks fingered my rim. The force of his needful thrusts proved how desired I was beyond anything I’d ever imagined, perhaps it was the anointing in him that make him special in banging me with reckless abandon.

As I started to cum, he gripped my hips and thrust with a force that rocked my entire body. His fat shank exploded with blossoms of wet heat inside me while he moaned and gasped for precious air. When it was over, he slowly pulled his d**k and we lay together on the sofa.


It was a long time before we could speak. My eyes turned round to see my future house where I’m bringing my siblings but it is getting late already.

“Daddy, let get going, my aunty will be expecting me at home”.

I didn’t wait for his response, I got up to my clothes, dressing up when he said,

“My heaven, can’t we wait till next morning or at least take another round before we leave, I don’t want to miss you again”.

I shunned him totally, he ran to me, gripped me, and started kissing madly.

“Sir, you can’t finish the apple in a day”,

I shook my breasts and b**t, I know his head swelled up the way his eyes turned red.

“So, let’s wait till another time, and moreover, you never told me anything about the house nor neither taken me round the building”.

I know I have to get from him all the necessary documents of the house, now, I can visualise my plans because these people have used me too much.

“Come on daddy, we’ll still meet up this weekend. Let’s keep going”.



He drove me home, my aunty prepared me delicious meal that night. She said I made her proud. Even my sister too was glad, we’re at the dinner when aunty declared I should meet her in her room before I go to bed, she said there is something I need to do for her and as well, discuss. I just prayed it is about my brothers but the way I looked at aunty throughout the dinner, it seemed she want me desperately, the horny was so glaring. I retired to my room, bathed and laid on my bed thinking of the enjoyable moment with the anointed man who never ceased to surprise me every time he laid hand on me. He is truly special in the service of banging with reckless abandon. Rolling me on the sofa or how he entered me, making my hole hot. This is the thought that took me off to unexpected sleep. Actually, I have gotten tired with much stress of the day. My uncle when taking the dinner, has already given me a sign for meeting this night at the back of the house which I still don’t know how. I slept off with my thought.

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