[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 38

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Aunty was glad my uncle slept late, she said I would have run to death, even my little sister too. They both thanked my uncle and carried me back inside to my bed.

“Thank God you slept late, I must share this testimony in church tomorrow,” aunty said.

I smiled gently because the two believed him.



I woke up the next morning, did everything needed to be done to ensure I attend the Bible study. I never stopped gazing at the clock. The day seemed longer than every other days. An hour to the program, I wrapped towel preparing for my bath when my aunty bumped into my room.

“Katty, my sweetheart, please follow me to my room. You need to do me a favour before we leave the house” She said.

“OK ma, I’ll join you in a minute, let me put on a cloth” I replied calmly.

“No no, just don’t mind putting on cloth, please don’t waste our precious time”. She said sharply.

The look on her face really confused me this time. What is she after or why did she say “our precious time?”. Well, I followed her, the moving of her backside is enough to make guys crazy, the thing freaked inside her long gown. I could not take away my eyes, wondering the speciality in me that drive my uncle crazy to think of me every blessed day. I wish my b**t can freak like Aunty’s. She pulled the door, entered and told me to come in. With a wondering heart I did as she said, I saw her best friend I collected her number few moths again who later fucked me last time.

“Aunty, good evening” I greeted. She smiled back at me

“Come my precious Katty, how do you do? I drew nearer and said,

“I’m fine ma”

She made me sat beside her on bed, held me tight like a long missing friend.

“Baby, I’ve really missed you”.

It was now I knew she might up to something, I pretended to move away, but her strength overwhelmed mine.

“Aunty, when are we going to bible study?” I questioned.

“Very soon” she replied and went to the door, locked it, told her friend we should quickly finish up because her husband will return soon to take us to church.

She rubbed my side-face, and kissed me passionately. I swallowed courage and said,

“I need to prepare for church”.

“Pls darling don’t stress me, we’re running out of time” she declared.

Then I saw the expression on Aunty’s face like a lion ready to descend on prey. She kissed me again and again, till I began developing interest. She pulled my back on bed, disappeared from my sight, until I felt her presence between my laps, separating my towel and moving up towards my pant. I faced the roof, studying it as never seen it before, I knew something strange will happen down there, so I waited patiently. She bite my v****a so strong; using her teeth to trace every part. She pulled my pant one side, inserted a finger, tugged it in and out. I held the bed strongly while my aunty sat beside us watching. She stopped as I moaned, removed my pant and came back on me. She inserted 2 fingers this time while she used her lips to locate my clitoris. She ate it like her life depend on it, raised up her hand to my b****t, she squeezed it from left to right. At the same time, pulling in and out her fingers inside me. I cannot restrict it, all my body shivered. She continued sucking, fingering and squeezing for like ten minutes till my body lost control. I never felt like this before. It was so special this time as if she has really prepared for this day. My breath changed and I began to gasp. It seemed I’m dying. No matter I tried to stop her, she gathered more strength and gave me harder.

My aunty noticed the move, she started romance herself just rightly beside us.

“Please stop” I managed to cry out after a long wail.

She then stopped sucking, but did the worse by fingering and tapping my clitoris. I vibrated like 5 times before I could regain my consciousness. My Aunty stood up, pull off her cloth and walked to us on bed. She opened her laps on my face, sat with her p***y widen in my mouth. I know she is ready to be sucked even her friend too needed me to do her in return. As I was about doing my aunty, we heard a heavy bang on the door.

“Shit! That’s my husband.” My aunty pronounced as she advanced toward her cloth.

Everybody quickly get dressed, the door turned opened.

“Uncle, you’re welcome” I greeted and rushed out of the room then I shouted,

“Aunty let me take my bath”.

“What have you been doing till now when the program nearly start, maybe you will join us in church later” Uncle retorted.

“Please, let my baby alone, we were gisting, and it’s a lady’s talk” my Aunty told her husband.

I wondered how would uncle not perceive there’s something going on in the room. Why is he so dumb? Well, that’s none of my business for now, I really want to handle our  Pastor in my new apartment. I went up into my room for preparation.


Uncle drove us all to church, I was so excited. “Wow! Nice seeing you” everyone greeted me. The program started, Mrs Margaret called me out, she wanted to use the special time with me at the back of the church. She told me she has already missed me. I know deeply this is not the right place for such evil thing. I walked out on her and returned to the bible study.

Our senior Pastor spoke on a topic; “Judgment Day” from the book of Matthew 12:36. He was so cute and handsome. After his teaching, a woman asked if it is right for a couple to deny each other s*x after marriage, she said her husband has stopped his man duty for a long time in the house. This is a section any member can bring their personal issue for advice or more enlightenment. I stood up amongst the congregation bodily, and lectured the woman for like ten minutes. I even used a story of sister Rose to ensure she understand me better, I ended my speech with clapping innovation. It was indeed wow! I sat quietly while my aunty whispered to me,

“Kate, who is sister Rose?” I know she might think I fabricated the story.

“It’s just a sister in an online story I read on naijastoryhub.com website” I replied.

She asked me again if I’m sure.

“Of course, yes”.

“Can you help me get adult stories too? She pleaded.

That’s not too difficult, there are many online too, I assured her when we get home. The program last for just two hours and immediately we closed, Mrs Margaret called me. She promised to settle me well if I could make up to her in the coming weekend.

“Ok, I will try my best” I replied.

This time around, I still need more cash to finally settle down. As we’re talking I saw our Pastor telling my uncle and aunty something, I couldn’t hear them because people were too many; greeting, gisting, talking, laughing. later, he called his wife to join their meeting before he finally called me. Is everything alright? I asked myself. Before I even got to them, my Uncle drove away with aunty, they only waved me goodbye and said, “don’t walk late night o”. I got more confused, stood still, yet didn’t know what is what.

“Don’t worry, come let’s start going” Mrs Margaret’s husband said.

I joined him in his car, for few minutes we were both speechless, not even cough but only hearing the sound engine. So many questions occupied my mind.

“But daddy, where are we going to?”

He looked at me with a gentle smile.

“Baby, won’t you like to see your new apartment? He retorted.

“You don’t mean it!… What of my aunty…” He cut in,

” Please, I’ve already settled that with them. I told them we need to visit some members who have been away from church because of marital issue, seeing the way you spoke in church, everyone believed you’re gifted especially in handling broken marriages, so don’t worry”.

I looked at his mouth throughout, men will always be men, just for him to enter me he lied to the church. Well, that’s none of my business. I got more excited for going to have my personal domain.

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