[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 36

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I touched my chest, breathing heavily. Just a step to get caught. It was now my Uncle realized I have gone away from him. He hurriedly turn down and pretended like exercising himself. He placed his two hands on the floor, trying to cover his penetrated d**k from his wife. He started pressing up, 16, 17, 18, 19 30, 35…. My Aunty was surprised to see me,

“Katherine, how long were you here since you left my room?” She asked with a stern look.

My lips were heavy, even when I managed to open them, they are speechless. So I used my hands to communicate, telling her I was coming from kitchen. I’m not sure if she was confused or she understood. She told her husband that the next day is the bible study and they must not miss it.

“Since, we returned, you haven’t rested and I will not allow you stay back at hoome. You suppose to be resting by now, so get back to your room”.

I gently laughed, ah! God really loves me o. Had it been I was caught, I would have been dead. I know my aunty is trying to keep her husband away from me, maybe she has a doubtful mind about me. This is the time to meet the best man (The Pastor) of my life who can f**k me to cum.

“Aunty, pls can I go with you tomorrow, I need to be attending bible study too”.

My uncle fell on the ground, never believed I could say or ever imagine attending the Bible study.

“What do you mean Kate?” My Aunty asked in surprise.

Confidently I replied her, they never understood the basic of me attending their program. I have missed Mrs Margaret’s husband, our pastor. He is a baddo. His fucking is not ordinary at all, nobody can be that good, even my Uncle is not half as near, as he is. I concluded it’s the spirit in him that is definitely applying honey to his incomparable cucumber.

“Kate, are you sure what you are saying”, my aunty asked calmly.

“I see, so your Aunty has poisoned your heart, I think that is why you suddenly changed?” My Uncle did not know when he said that, he just lost control.

My Aunty looked at him in confusion.

“Are you saying, attending the church programs is a crime?”

“Did I say anything at all, pls let’s someone massage my back, I’m seriously having pain” uncle pleaded.

I know if I make myself available, massaging his back in the presence of my aunty, she will definitely know something is going on between my uncle and I because his d**k will surely misbehave. So I focused my gaze on her eyes, expecting her say something.

“Why are you staring at me, Kate? You heard your uncle. Don’t worry, you go to your room and relax, I will give him the massage. Go!” my Aunty said.

I turned back and pushed the door and saw my little sister standing before me. How long has the smart girl been here, she might have heard and seen everything between my uncle and I. What lie will I tell her this time. My heart pounded heavily. She held me by wrist and dragged me in.

She asked me to sit down while she went back to close our room door. Now I guess the secret has finally been exposed, nothing more to hide. She will hate me, thinking am whore and shameless. She returned to me on the bed, adjusted the bed spread and lay down. I looked straight into her eyes yet I never understood her motive or whatever will come out of her.

“You know I love you, and I will do everything possible to protect you, pls forgive me of everything you’re seeing me doing, it is just to bring the family together. Our brothers might be facing serious challenges as you did in Aunty Precious house in port Harcourt…” She cut in,

“Big sis, you know you are the only one I know and have in life. I don’t want you to get into trouble or for anything bad to happen to you. I know your struggle to bring our brothers. Please for now, sleep and relax. Calm down”.

What is this girl saying, I don’t understand anymore so I asked,

“are you sure you’re not asking me any question?”

Her expression was not comprehensible, I didn’t quite understand. I just prayed her next speech will not crucify me, I held my breath deeply and sighed.

“I brought you here to leave Uncle and Aunty alone. You need to rest” she said.

The storm in my mind went down like the storm on the sea before Jesus and his apostles, it was a sigh of relief. Although she wasn’t clear with her statement.


I woke up in the evening, it was late already, I took my dinner and returned to the room to shower when my sister banged into the room, she said my uncle told her to leave for her room and rest since I have been sleeping all through the day. She also told me there in the bathroom that uncle want to see me in the parlor. I laughed as she narrated me the whole story. Uncle need privacy to bang me. I took my sponge and wash my v****a thoroughly because I know it’s about to serve its purpose.

As the sponge massage my p***y, I began to think how my Aunty taught me to touch myself whenever I’m in need of it, so I grabbed my left b****t with both hands, and pulled it up to my mouth, licking and sucking my nipple in the bathroom while my sister waiting for me to rush downstairs. I used my teeth, lightly biting my nipple. I felt my p***y lips tingle like they do when I get turned on and I could feel them swelling. I sat on the floor with the tap gushing out on me heavily that no one will hear my moan. My hand slipped down lower and I spread my legs wider, reaching down, opening myself, feeling like a tongue should be rolling and wallowing in my G-spot, as my own hand flew in ever tighter circles over my own clitoris. The ecstasy was increasing when I heard my younger sister voice,

“Big sis, uhm.. Is everything alright? You have spent up to an hour in there. Don’t tell me you’re still bathing because am hearing some sounds”

What the hell is wrong with is girl? Why can’t she just let me be? I stopped fingering myself and allowed the water fell directly inside me. My body shivered. My mind went straight to our Pastor. I can’t wait to have him inside me the next day and see my new apartment he just got for me. Well, now I still have to rush out of here before my sister fired at me again because she is just acting like she’s my mother. So annoying!

“I’m sorry, I stayed long in bathroom, I was lost in thought and forgot myself”, I told my sister as I came out rubbing ointment on all my body.

“Don’t tell me it’s about our brothers again” she said and smiled mischievously.

Why did she give that weird smile? I laughed and replied, “if not our brothers, then what again?”

“Big sis, whatever you are doing, please try not to wound yourself. So do you want me join you in the prayer and Bible study with uncle downstairs?”

Her question dropped in my ears like a bomb. It shocked me. What did she meant by ‘don’t wound yourself’? This girl is too wiser than her age.

“Don’t worry, it is adult matter, I promise you I’ll be fine. You stay here and sleep while I meet uncle downstairs.

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