[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 35

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I quickly imagine the best way to handle the matter because all I want at this time is to ensure my brothers return here safely so that my mission to reunite the family accomplished. I looked straight into her eyes, the seriousness of her expression.

“I promise you. Pls, I just want my brothers”

“I will do everything possible, but make sure you fulfill your promise” she said. I nodded yes.

She smiled back at me, kissed my lips with her eyes closed while my mind fixed deeply on my brothers and my little kid sister whom I left alone inside.



I met my uncle as I was returning to my room at the sitting room. He looked at me as if he should hold me tight like never before.

“Come closer my baby, I’ve really missed you”.

The cucumber pump up from his trouser. It is totally different from the pastor’s, I know he is ready to bang me.

” Bby, let’s me touch you” he stretches forth his hand towards my p***y.

This time around I have to be very conscious and caution because knowing my Aunty for who she is, her monitoring side will kick off in full force.

“Uncle, let’s wait till it’s late”. I told him.

As if he had already known I would say that, before I completed the statement I felt his lips on mine, very wet like morning dew. I imagined when his wife was there inside touching herself, needs a person to enter her, the husband too was reckless, seriously looking for a way to satiate his sexual urge.

“Uncle, the house is full, pls it’s more dangerous than one can imagine if we were caught in this place” I said as I struggled to push him away.

This man must not terminate my plan, now that my aunty just assured me my brothers will be here any moment. I must plan the game wisely. He looked at me and was more terrified, the horny expression scared me. Will this man even wait patiently at all with this look? I pray something stop us before the worse fall on me. He came closer and wrapped his arms round my neck, I barely breathed, he tightened my head in his chest, I cried for mercy, but turned a deaf hear to my cry.

“Uncle, I’m dying here, pls release me” I managed to voice.

He used his right hand to massage my back from my neck downward to my a*s. He squeezed it like a wet cloth before they stretch it on rope to dry. I am powerless to help myself but deeply know this might be the end of my stay in this house because my aunty will definitely kill me. What lies will I tell her again if my sister caught me?

I surrendered myself unto him and quickly played long. The big huge d**k pushed its way into my belly, I felt the pain exactly on my abdomen, while he continued roughly squeezing my buttocks. I released my hands down to his d**k, his strength weakens as I touched it. I began to rub it with my palms. It was this time he relaxed and set me free. I know it is my time to act and create my freedom. My mind was so fixed on me not caught. I cannot imagine myself loosen the whole plan. I told him,

“Uncle, let me s**k your d**k”

The speed at which he released me was like a jet flying on the sky. He pulled himself away from me, I bent down like about to kneel, I looked the way he raised his head backwards having the excitement of me sucking his cucumber. I quietly walked away from him. Before he opened his eyes I was already at the door.

“And what style is this?” I heard a lady’s voice from behind. I turned and saw my Aunty looking straight at my Uncle, I nearly fainted.

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