[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 33

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Thirty minutes later, we were on our way home. Throughout the ride home, my uncle kept giving me horny looks through the inner car mirror. I knew there was no how he wouldn’t want to knack me that night, the konji was so evident on his face. I only wished he would cool off due to what just happened between my Aunty and Mrs Margaret, caution needs to be applied, because knowing my Aunty for who she is, her monitoring side will kick off in full force.



When we got home, I got an sms from the pastor which said,

“I didn’t get a goodbye kiss but it’s okay. You must find a way to attend the next youth bible study, so that we will go and check out the apartment I got for you. That will be our meeting place, henceforth. I love you baby.”

I replied and said “okay” then deleted it.

I would have to think of how to start attending bible study, even if it means pretending to my Aunty that I had become a born again. I needed to maintain that house from the pastor, that was where I planned to move into with my siblings when I finished with my Aunty and her husband.


I was in the bathroom when I heard my Aunty’s voice.

“Where’s Katherine?” She asked my kid sister”

“She’s in the bathroom”

“Tell her to meet me in my room immediately she’s out”

“Okay, Aunty” my sister replied.

I got out of the bathroom and took time to lecture my sister about avoiding my Aunty and making sure to tell me immediately she starts to notice any weird moves from her. Trust my kid sister, she kept pushing for my reasons until I gave up and told her everything but added some extra scary tales of how my Aunty molested me, her expression was filled with a mixture of fear and hatred for my Aunty, exactly the effect I needed. I told her to pretend to still like her so that she wouldn’t suspect anything. I also assured her that the molestation has stopped. Her last reply made me smile,

“Big sis, please, disturb uncle the more so that he can bring our brothers. We need to leave this house, let’s go back to our house in the village instead of this bad place”

I knew she was too young to be burdened with such information but she’s wiser and smarter than her age, and I knew that was the only way I could protect her. She was almost 12 and was growing so fast.


I got to the door of my Aunty’s room and knocked, wondering if she would punish me for what happened back at Mrs Margaret’s house. My aunty told me to come in, and I gently opened the door and walked in. She was sitting on her dressing chair

“How may times did she f**k you?” she asked me.

I looked her straight in the eyes and replied,

“She didn’t f**k me, I made sure to avoid her. I was always around her kids so she didnt get an opportunity at…”

“Katherine, I said, how many times did she lay her hands on you?” This time around, she screamed.

I was sure my younger sister heard her voice, I was shocked,

“Aunty, am telling you the truth” she stood up and walked past me to lock the door, then said,

“No worries, it’s all my fault, I will make sure she doesn’t ever come near you again. I want to quickly teach you how to touch yourself, I know your body is open now, incase you get horny. Watch me and do exactly what I do. We have to be fast before your uncle finish playing his game downstairs”

She undressed and I did same. She grabbed her left b****t with both hands, and pulled it up to her mouth, licking and sucking her nipple. Still mirroring her, I did the same with my right b****t using my teeth, lightly biting my nipple. I felt my p***y lips tingle like they do when I get turned on and I could feel them swelling. Her hand slipped down lower, and so did mine. We spreaded our legs wider, reaching down, opening ourselves, staring into each other’s p***y.

For the first time ever, I saw my Aunty’s nakedness. She had always been the one fucking me but she never undressed nor made me touch her. I don’t know for sure how long, I stared at her open p***y, I watched her finger herself.

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