[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 32

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Mrs Margaret already had blood dripping through her broken lips, face red form her fist and her eyes burning with tears. She managed to push my Aunty away from her, the push was so hard that my Aunty hit her back on the wall, and that was when Mrs Margaret decided to speak,

“What is wrong with you? You come into my house to fight me for what? You this shameless man that calls himself a woman. Instead of you to focus on your marriage and your husband’s p***s and look for how to get pregnant and give him a child, even if it’s just one, you are here fighting me because of Katherine”

My Aunty attacked her again but this time, Mrs Margaret was fully ready for her, she shoved her so hard that she hit her a*s on the floor, then she continued,

“If you lay your filthy hands on me again, I will beat you in a way that your husband won’t be able to recognize you. See how you turned into an animal because I touched Katherine. My 11 year old maid you molested years ago, does not have family abi? You raped that innocent girl, countless times, did I do anything to you when I caught you fingering her? No, I helped you bury the secret, now am just playing with Kate that you handed over to me yourself, I didn’t rape her, you singlehandedly invited me for a threesome with her, after you have countlessly testified of how sweet she is, stupid brainless woman. Why are you so possessive?” she turned to me and said,

“You better watch your younger sister closely, this whore…” she pointed at my Aunty, “has a thing for girls at her age. Your kid sis might be the next prey” she picked up her dress on the floor and wore it.

Her warning clearly rang a bell in my head. I looked at my Aunty, she was crying hysterically, but I didn’t pity her, I only wondered where her husband was. If he was waiting for her in the car or in the sitting room downstairs, I concluded that he was waiting for her in the car, if not, he would have heard the noise & walked in.


When sister Margaret finished dressing up, she told my Aunty to get out of her house or she would drag her out. At that moment, my phone started vibrating on the table, where I had kept it earlier after I put it on vibration so it wouldn’t disrupt my plans. I looked at the screen and saw the caller ID, it was my Uncle. My Aunty definitely left her phones in the car, because she didn’t enter the room with any of them, if not, my Uncle would have called her and not me.

I knew that was the best time to end the whole drama, I had heard enough and I wasn’t ready for the men to know that their wives too were knacking me and fought because of me. Then I finally found my tongue, and with a shaky voice, I said,

“Aunty, Uncle is calling me”..

My aunt sat up, adjusted her clothes, cleaned her eyes and said,

“Get your things and call your sister, I will be waiting for you two in the car” before I could reply, she was already out of the room.

I stole a glance at Mrs Margaret, she was sitting nonchalantly on the bed. I quickly carried our already packed bags, wore my shoes and ran back downstairs without saying a word to her. There was utmost calmness in the car, I greeted my uncle and explained to them that my sister went out with the pastor and his kids, so he parked well and we waited for them to get back.

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