[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 31

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“You think I will start begging you so that you tell me to give you my toto for you to keep it between us. You wan use blackmail knack me, you don enter one chance”

I knew I was daring him, but I had no other option, I didn’t want my p***y to be indebted to him, I just couldn’t deal. No matter how far I was willing to go, to keep my secrets safe, sleeping with the gateman just to cover my tracks, was one thing I wasn’t willing to do…ordinary gateman.


I left him there, staring at me in shock, as I walked back into the sitting room to get my pant from under the chair. I hid it inside my pocket, glanced at the pastor, he was still in the same position. Then I slowly walked upstairs, into the room.

I was already getting tired of the whole thing and I really needed to end it before I get into more trouble. If not for my brothers, I would have implemented my final plans and left with my sister. I didn’t have any pity or an atom of remorse over what I was doing, they all deserved it and more. You can’t just destroy an innocent girl’s innocence and expect not to be punished for it. A lot of people would say ‘God will judge me’ or ‘nemesis will catch up on me’ but OYO (On Your Own), all those ones are long stories, I didn’t have the luxury to wait or allow vengeance to be of the Lord, when I can take matters into my own hands and make them pay exactly how I want them to pay, by messing them all up before we all face God’s wrath. Since they took away what was dear to me, I decided to do the same to all of them too.

The method I was using was the best, s*x is one of the most dangerous weapon on earth and it didn’t take me long to find out about that. By the time I was done with my Aunty and Mrs Margaret, they won’t know what hit them, I said in my mind as I arranged my pillow and dozed off.



The next day, things went on as normal, until late afternoon when Mrs Margaret called me on the phone and told me that my Aunty and her husband were on their way to her house to pick us up. She said I should pack our things and get ready.


Thirty minutes later, her husband took her kids out to get ice cream, my kid sister went with them, since they won’t be out for long. I was home alone with Mrs Margaret, I already knew she would come straight to me when they all leave. So I quickly ran downstairs and unlocked the door leading into the building, which she had already locked when her husband and the kids left. I was just tired of her and her daughter, I wanted to narrow it down to just the pastor, my Uncle and Aunty, until I get my brothers.

Few minutes later, she walked into the room, where I was lying face down, pretending to be sleeping.

“Katherine, wake up you know you will soon be leaving us, if I don’t feel you now, I don’t know when I will feel you again” she was tapping my legs with her left hand.

While using the right one to massage my b****t. I slowly turned, feigning tiredness.

“Am really so tired and sleepy, I didn’t sleep much last night” I said. But she refused, which I expected,

“Please, don’t do anything, just lie down for me, I need you with reckless abandon”

Before I could say jack, she was already half naked, only her pant was on her, I could clearly see the sanitary pad she had on, then I wondered why she couldn’t just wait to finish her period. Why are these people so horny like dogs, and completely devoid of self control when it comes to me? I asked myself.

I was still contemplating what next to say to her, so as to stall her a little more, when the door to the room burst open. We both turned and saw my Aunty standing at the door, with her mouth wide open and a bloodshot eyes staring at us. She was more like taking in the moment. I was still fully dressed but Mrs Margaret was only on panties with her sanitary pad showing in between her legs.

My Aunty must have knocked tirelessly but no one answered and she decided to try the door handle and found it unlocked, thanks to me. The saying ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ is so true, because I do not know where the energy to lash at Mrs Margaret came from.

My Aunty was everywhere on her face, scratching, hitting and screaming. She was completely mad. I stood there, confused, I never expected her reaction at all. I actually thought she was going to finally warn Mrs Margaret to stay away from me, not pounce on her the way she did, I had never seen such type of anger in her. And Mrs Margaret was not doing anything, besides fighting her off. My Aunty continued to hit her hard across the face. Like that wasn’t enough, she hit her again and again and again, until Mrs Margaret couldn’t take it anymore and had to fight back.

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