[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 28

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“I will hide in the bathroom, while you quickly unlock the door and rush back to bed act like you are sleeping, if she finds the door locked, she will suspect something and search the room” I finished and ran into the bathroom.

While Grace got up to unlock the door. The next thing I heard was Mrs Margaret’s voice, calling her to get out of bed and go gather her siblings, together with my sister and I, for prayers in the sitting room, then she left. Few minutes later, I walked out of the bathroom into an empty room.


Later that night, the pastor sent me a text to meet him at our usual spot by 2am. Mrs Margaret didn’t send for me, I heard her earlier in the day on the phone, telling someone she was having stomach cramps due to her period. I thanked my stars that I didn’t have to s**k anything, apart from her sweet husband whom I was always ready to give and s**k with reckless abandon.


2am finally came, I looked at my sister fully awake and humming gently by her own side of the bed, it was so unlike her to be awake by that time. I really needed to step out but not while she was still awake. Sometimes, I get pissed at her over smartness, why is she not dumb like her mates? I didn’t just understand. I knew she wasn’t ready to sleep at all, then I decided to talk to her.

“Asa, nwa, it’s late o. This one you are still awake by this time, are you okay?”

“Big sis, I am very okay, there’s nothing wrong with me, I am just waiting for the midnight meeting you always attend. You promised to take me along the next time, remember? Now, the next time has come, let’s come and be going” she replied with a smirk on her face.

I was caught off guard, like a bomb had hit my head and I was still breathing. My mind worked fast. I knew if I told her I wasn’t going again, then she will truly suspect something, she’s just annoyingly too smart for my liking.

“It’s an adult meeting. I told you the pastor won’t be happy if I took you along, you are supposed to be sleeping. You are way too young to be awake by this time” I tried to close her eyes gently with my hands,

But she shrugged it off and sat up.

“Sis, let me just tell you something. I might be 12 years old but I have sense. Even when I told my classmates that you were always sneaking out of our room at midnight to go and talk to uncle, they said you were lying to me, that you are just going to have s*x with him every night. You think I don’t know what s*x means? I do. It’s what married men and women do to have babies, not for people like you that are not married yet. What if you get pregnant? What if Aunty finds out? This life you are living is not good for you & me as well. You lied to me before and I believed you, but I finally confirmed it after we came here, you started doing midnight again with pastor, so the only way to prove me wrong is to take me along with you now”

The shock on my face was so evident, it took me a while to close my mouth and gather myself to reply her. This is a girl that is barely 13, telling me to my face that I was having s*x with my Uncle and the pastor, something I was so careful to hide apart from Grace that over heard my conversation with my Uncle earlier which I handled well. But this, kai, it’s a very delicate issue. She is so innocent and I don’t want her to go through all I did or find out I was truly sleeping with these men, she would never understand the reason behind my moves. I need to kill this notion she already has, though, it’s a fact, but not a fact she should ever know. I wonder how her stupid oversabi classmates were able to put two and two together and found out I was knacking these men. I went to face her and knelt down in front of her,

“Why would you think such of me? Your classmates are just trying to poison your mind over your one and only sister. Listen, I am not evil and would never do such a thing. Uncle is a very disciplined man and won’t even think about such negative thing and he loves his wife so much. To even think you believe this rubbish makes me feel like crying. Even the pastor of our church.
Do you even know he is the closest person to God? If you feel I can be this evil, do you also have to think that of the pastor? A man of God with all his holiness. This is unbelievable, and am so very hurt, after all am doing to make sure I bring us all together, it’s such evil thought you allow your friends to put into you” I finished and sat down on the floor, sobbing profusely, hoping my emotional blackmail worked.

She quickly got down from the bed and helped me to wipe my tears with the tip of her own. I smiled inwardly, thinking all my words sunk in fully, as she kept cleaning my tears, only for her to shock me again with her next words,

“it’s not like I don’t trust you or believe you, I have been shouting at them to stop saying those mean things about you but they continued. Then I decided to prove them wrong by following you myself, please, am so sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry, but just carry me along today to see for myself, so I can proudly tell them that it’s not true”

Chai!!! I don die, I screamed in my head. She wasn’t going to relent, so I told her to get up and let’s go down to meet the pastor. I picked up my phone as we were leaving the room and quickly texted the pastor and prayed in my heart for him to get it before we reached him, so as to act up something to convince my all so smart a*s of a sister that we aren’t doing anything wrong, apart from praying to God

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