[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 25

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“I have lived with you for 21 years and you never stay in darkness, no matter what. I know you more than you know yourself, so leave talk. Our s*x life is nothing to write home about, so I understand if you masturbate, it shows you are human and God will understand” she finished.

“May God have mercy on your soul! Listen to yourself, a pastor’s wife, even if we have a dead s*x life, I would never stoop so low, the spirit of God keeps me fulfilled always, so carnal things like this never cross my mind. Please, what do you want? I need to finish my vigil before I go to sleep?”

“Hehehehe, pastor the pastor, prayer warrior, without singlet, no worries sha. I came to talk to you about Kate. I think it’s better we don’t tell her guidance about her infection, because they might think she got it from the toilet in our house and since it’s a sexually transmitted disease, they will start looking at us somehow in church, as couples that have chlamydia”

“What won’t I hear from you this woman? Do you have chlamydia?”… there was a pause, then he continued, “then why are you worried? She definitely got the disease from their house, that her uncle that fries his hair and looks like a glorified gigolo, am sure he must have contacted it from one of his numerous concubines, I pity his poor wife that has devoted her life in serving the Lord. Besides, I don’t talk too much like you, so even if they will hear it, not from me, ighotago?”

“You see how you indirectly called me a talkative, can’t you make your point without insulting me? You will go out there and be forming holy and mending people’s broken homes, while you are stylishly using your hands to tear down yours, mtchewwww”

They continued arguing, while I carefully opened the kitchen door and peered out, she was standing, facing her husband. I tiptoed out and went upstairs, I got into the room and closed the door. My younger sister spoke,

“another meeting with the pastor?…uhm Sis” I jumped,

“Yes, nne, how long have you been awake? You were fast asleep when I left”

She yawned, “it doesn’t matter big sis. Please, next time, wake me up, so I can go with you because I will love to tell God something” she said & smiled.

My eyes grew wider…kai, this my sister sef, she’s becoming too smart for my liking,

“Ehn… Follow me for what? It’s an adult discussion, besides, he will be the one to tell you to go and sleep, you will see”

“Sha wake me up. If he tells me to go and sleep, no worries but let these my two legs reach the midnight meeting venue first, that’s my own sis, goodnight” she adjusted her pillow and lay back down, backing me.

I shook my head, I guess it’s high time we changed venue, I thought to myself. I can’t risk my precious kid sister finding out about my sexcapades. I made up my mind to call the pastor later the next day to explain everything to him, so that he will hasten up with the plans to rent us a place. Meanwhile, I still had my uncle to deal with and they will be here to pick us on their way back, a day after tomorrow. I had already gotten him exactly where I wanted him, and it was the best time to start demanding for money from him.



The next day, I went to the back of the house to call my uncle, I looked around to make sure I was alone, before dialling his number, he picked at first ring

“So if I don’t call, you won’t call to check up on me abi? Where’s your love? It’s only to mount me with reckless abandon you know how to do. Since you travelled, you’ve neither called me nor sent an sms, at least, even if not for anything, but to check how we are fairing” I kept forming vexing and ranting at him, but he didn’t say anything.

I looked at my phone screen to check if the call was still reading and wondered why he wasn’t saying anything to me, I said “hello” and the next thing I heard was,

“Ebuka, I have heard you, am observing prayers with my wife and we will be back next tomorrow, keep those files safe for me, I will call you as soon as I get back, so that we can fix a meeting. Regards to your family” and he ended the call.

I almost blew up out of anger, what the f**k? How could he pretend not to know who I was? Has God arrested him? Or was he just pretending for the sake of his wife? I didn’t know what to think, my chest was heaving as I closed my eyes and recounted all the time he was pounding away on top of me, and those times he Will call me out at midnight and have me inside his car, or the times I knelt on a hard floor and bore the pains, just to satisfy his insatiable sexual urge.

At that moment, a tear dropped from my eyes, for the first time, I was filled with regrets and my hate for him and his wife grew. I was always indifference about my Uncle because he hadn’t done anything bad to me, it was his wife I hated because of how evil she was. I knew the only way to get back at her was to destroy her marriage, that was why I started sleeping with her husband in the first place, but the way he responded to me on the phone, really broke my heart. I wiped my tears and went upstairs, as I made to open the door to my room, he called me, I quickly ran back downstairs to pick his call, but this time, I didn’t remember to check around to make sure I was alone before picking.


He apologised for speaking to me the way he did and explained why he did so,

“my wife has been close marking me lately, I don’t know why, I miss you so much but I can’t even get an alone time to call you because of her, forgive me, inugo? How’s that side na, I hope you are really taking good care of it for me? You know what I mean” he chuckled, I laughed,

“it’s okay, uncle, I actually thought you have dumped me or something, I was really sad. As for my honey pot, I know it’s what you are asking about, it’s not fine o, I have Chlamydia. You gave me infection and I am not happy with you at all. I think it’s high time we started doing it with condom, after I finish treating myself and I also need big money o, I need to start saving your money too, it’s not only Aunty that will be enjoying it, after all, you are now eating from both of us” I finished.

“Is that one the problem? See, I am ready to do anything for you, my delicious waist. I will give you money and more money, until you get tired of it. As for the chlamydia, don’t worry yourself, it’s harmless, a couple of antibiotics will do the trick, I will also take mine and make sure your Aunty does same too, ighotago? Am deeply sorry for everything, I can’t wait to get back and eat you, I have not been myself since we left”

We finished and I ended the call with a smile, then turned to leave and came face to face with Grace, Mrs Margaret’s daughter. She was standing with her hands akimbo, staring at me with shock on her face.

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