[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 24

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I couldn’t believe how quickly he was making me crazy. I kept my eyes shut, as he ministered to me.

“Open your eyes, Katty” I quickly did and stared into the most beautiful eyes, I had ever seen.

He has this look in his eyes, when he’s horny, the look alone turns me on, with reckless abandon.

“You love this, don’t you?” he asked as his capable fingers teased my tiny bud, making me hornier, taking me to the moon and back.

“Yes, sir, sorry, Daddy. Yes, I love it like mad,” I twisted and moaned against him.

The sensation was overwhelming and I realized I was writhing in front of him, my hips pushing up to his fingers, wanting more, needing to feel him inside me, kai, this pastor is a heavy baddo. This is not ordinary at all, nobody can be this good, my Uncle is not even half as near, as he is, I think it’s the holy spirit that is definitely guiding his fingers the right way, I concluded. When his fingers squeezed my sensitive nub again, the pleasure shot through my body.

I moaned out louder this time, and he quickly used his left hand to cover my mouth, before I land both of us into trouble. This is too sweet to be cut short due to my inability to control my moans.

“God of Abraham, see how fresh, sweet and tight your p***y is, and it’s just waiting to be fucked. I will do anything and everything to make sure no other man eats this food, except me. Henceforth, I christian it as my heavenly temple. It is too sweet to be shared, God is really good” he said as his finger went in deeper inside me.

He curved it and was scratching away at my p—y wall, he did that for like a minute and inserted another finger, making it two.

“Oh chim o, Daddy, you are many good,” I groaned, as my hands grabbed the cushion, tightly.

Kai, Mrs Margaret is a very stupid woman sha, see pure gold, this man is pure magic. Why won’t she spread her legs and allow her pastor of a husband, to finger away the spirit of fucking small girls from her, since prayers doesn’t solve it. I closed my eyes again and felt the fire building madly inside me. My p***y tightened around him as he tried to add a third finger, which proved slightly impossible, he stopped trying and continued with just two fingers. When I opened my eyes again, he was watching me, with his eyes half closed, as he slid in and out, massaging my clitoris with his thumb.

“God, my heavenly temple, you’re really tight,” he said in wonder. He was driving me crazier and he didn’t even seem to realize it.

“I am never going to get tired of fucking your sweet little p***y, I swear”

“Daddy,” I whispered, my hips pushed up to his magical fingers…“Please, f**k me,” I begged softly.

I couldn’t hold it anymore, never wanting anyone like I wanted him right now. He gently removed his fingers, removed his pyjamas and he leaned over me, kissed me hungrily, like his life depends on it and slid his large d**k against my wet p***y, making it slick, by rubbing the head on my clitoris and my p***y opening. I moaned as it continued to slid against my clitoris and then back down. When he was slick with my p***y juice, he placed his d**k in front of my wet opening. I gasped, as he slowly drove it deep inside me, with reckless abandon. His black massive d**k head disappeared into my p***y and I groaned as the thickness followed it.

As it pushed me open, I shook in sweet torture, kai. Inch by inch, he pressed inside me. I was more than overwhelmed by the sweet torture of him opening me, spreading me further than I had ever experienced with my Uncle. I thought the first time with him was better, but I was wrong, this is the best. This pastor obviously has more in stock for me than I imagined. The spirit of God is truly directing him well in this, choiii!

I tickle my hips up, pushing him even deeper, as he began sliding in and out of my tight p***y. The more he banged, the more I wanted.

“For your p***y to be this tight, it’s true that no man has fucked you before. You are the best I ever had, I swear”

I was almost about to cum, when we heard very clear footsteps, approaching the sitting room. We froze for a second, until it became clearer, I got up and picked my gown, without sparing a glance at him. I ran into the kitchen, gently closed the door and quickly wore my clothe, I was still on it when I heard a voice, it was Mrs Margaret.

My heart kept beating faster than normal. What I had going on with the pastor seemed like my sure ticket to making my plans a very huge success, crashing now would really cost me a lot, though, I knew Mrs Margaret won’t even dare to punish me, because her own sins were way worse, but I wasn’t ready to be caught,

“hhmmm, why is this place smelling like this?” She asked her husband.

“Like how?” he replied, there was a brief silence, then she spoke up again,

“it smells like your dirty boxers, but stronger this time. You know how your boxer smells when you pull it off, after a long day. Only that this one smells nastier, hhmm. And you didn’t even put on the AC, why are you sweating and panting like this? What is going on?”

“Hian, what is your problem? You ask too many questions, without waiting for an answer. I turned off the AC because I was feeling cold and my mood and sweat is due to prayers. I have been praying fervently, for more than an hour now, as for the smell, maybe it’s my dirty boxers from the room that is smelling so bad and got to this level, it’s high time you people started washing my boxers on time, instead of piling it up and it begins to smell so nasty and you complain”

“The boxers didn’t smell in the room o, it’s only in this parlour that it is smelling, hmmm. Ok o, if you were masturbating, just admit it, stop acting like you no dey sin, nobody holy pass, Daddy. Because, I can swear with my life that you were masturbating and stopped, immediately you heard my footsteps, no wonder you were in darkness, with the television and AC turned off.

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