[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 23

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Immediately I got to my room, moved my sister to a more comfortable sleeping position, so as to make space for me to lie down. My phone rang, it was the pastor,

“My love, how are you feeling now?”

“I am fine, the pain is reducing, not as severe as before, thank you, sir” I replied.

“You are healed, in Jesus name” I said amen, then he continued,

“oya, come and meet me downstairs, let me make the pain disappear completely. My body is so cold right now, you have what I want and I have what you want. Biko, do fast and come, am waiting for you”

I said Okay, and ended the call. I was really feeling so tired, no strength to f**k, but my uncle and aunty will be coming back in two days time, then my sister and I, will go back home, so I need to have the pastor’s d**k on a complete lock down before they got back.


After making sure my sister was still snoring away, I quickly showered, thoroughly washed my p***y, wore my nightdress with nothing underneat, and walked downstairs to meet him. The thought of what was about to come, made my p***y tingle, with reckless abandon. I started this off as payment for what they were doing to me, but I never knew I would ever come across a d**k as sweet as that of our pastor. Damn! The dude has a big d**k, well ‘meated’ with the thickest veins. When he entered me eeh, his d**k filled me in and my warm p***y wrapped it, like it was specially designed for me, kai e sweet gaan!

Mrs Margaret doesn’t know what she has, eziokwu. See all the meat God handed to her on a platter of gold and she’s busy neglecting it, looking for my p***y to finger and s**k, and vice versa. All those church members that call her ‘mummy’, will all have the shock of their lives, when they find out we both s**k and finger eachother, I can imagine the expression on their faces.


I met the pastor seated on the couch, with his bible opened, he dropped it immediately he sighted me, then he got up and gave me a tight hug,

“I was afraid you won’t come. How are you feeling now?”

“Am fine, sir” He stepped back a little, and looked into my eyes, “enough of this sir, we are way closer now, so call me daddy. I know that’s what am called in church, but yours comes with a deeper sensation”

I nodded.

“So how’s the itch down there? I don’t mean the chlamydia, that’s a minor issue that will disappear in two days, I mean the other itch” He asked, pointing towards my p***y.

“Daddy, it’s still itching me o, I wanted to scratch it the usual way when you called me, so I decided to hold on”

He smiled. “You did the right thing, if I don’t help you scratch it, who will? Besides, it’s better and safer if I do it and continue doing it, than doing it yourself or allow those good for nothing little boys touch you, they will damage you for life” I nodded in affirmation.

He hugged me again and began to kiss me passionately. He ran his hands on my back, pulling my hips against his erect d**k. I ground my hips against him, feeling his hard d**k rub. Slowly, he eased me down onto the couch and I fell back, my legs wide open, waiting for him. He knelt in front of me and undressed me, I knew he could tell that I was dripping wet. I closed my eyes, ready to be fucked and gasped as he gently ran his fingers along my p***y, sliding them up and down, driving me crazy, this pastor is just too good. The sweetness is out of this world.

“Oh, Amy, you are wet” he said, more to himself than to me, as his fingers found their way to my clitoris.

He teased my tiny, swollen inner clitoris and my breathing became more ragged. I couldn’t believe how quickly he was making me crazy.

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