[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 19

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He was kneeling beside me, with eyes half closed, as I sat up and rushed my lips on his, our lips parted and our tongues met in hunger. His fingers in my hair and my hand reaching under his singlet. I dragged my short nails down his back and I heard a moan come from his throat. He trailed kisses down my chin to my neck. I pushed him back to get his singlet over his head and threw at the corner. I kissed down his chest, stopping at each of his male nipples. He moaned with reckless abandon, he liked being sucked. I made my way down to his belly button, then unzipped his plain trouser he had and pulled it down. He was so hard and big already. I took his long, fat d**k into my mouth, he dropped his head back and started to moan. I swirl my tongue around the head of his hard d**k.

This is our very handsome Pastor, so he deserves special treatment, I thought to myself, as I licked the underside of his d**k. Then took the head back into my mouth. I sucked and licked, moving my head up and down. With the head of his dickk still in my mouth, I began to stroke his balls. I could taste his precum that has formed as I began to work on his huge d**k. I felt his hand on my head as he began to moan louder. I had to stop an told him to reduce his voice, he nodded and nudged me back to his d**k.

After a while, he lifted me up my feet and also stood up, bent and took my lips with force, slipping his tongue into my mouth. Then took one of my b****t in his mouth and started to s**k on the nipples, biting it slightly while he used his hand on the other one.

I moaned slightly as I began to get wet, my p***y throbbing. He slipped his finger inside my p***y, rubbed my clitoris and moaned as he felt how soaked I was. He sucked my nipple and rubbed my clitoris faster and faster, my breathing began to match his rhythm. I was panting hard, then he pulled his hand out and stopped sucking my nipple. He parted my legs so he could get between them. Then he knelt down and started licking my clitoris, sucking the juices…damn! this man is just too good, my Uncle dey learn work ahswear.

He kissed my p***y, biting and licking up the juices. He licked my already swollen clitoris and blew cold air on it, I jerked. He trailed his tongue up and down and began to s**k my p***y.

Initially, he sucked softly, then it began to get harder and harder. I moaned with reckless abandon, my head almost exploded out of sweetness. He used his tongue to enter me, getting as deep as he could, f**k. He fucked me with his tongue sha, e sweet eh.

He rolled his tongue, then started banging me, slowly at first, then he built speed. When he got a good speed, he started to rub my throbbing clitoris, I writhe and moan but he continued. Before long, I cum for the first time ever and in his mouth, filling his mouth with my juices, then I remembered where we were and covered my mouth with my hands.

Before I could come down from my orgasm, he pulled himself up over me, kissed me hard, shoving his tongue in my mouth, so I could taste myself on his lips. He took his d**k and rubbed my clitoris, I jerked with the sensation. He teased my wet p***y with the tip of his d**k before sliding into me with ease, choiii. I caught my breath in my throat when he thrusted into me. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist and began whispering,

“ooooooh, grrrrhhhhh, chim o, f**k me hard, scatter my ikpu, pastor destroy that p—y, bomb it o, oya bulldoze, iga alagbukwom ooo, zeeeessress, my p***y is on fire, this is so fucking sweeeeeeeet, labam o, lasiem ike, lapu evil spirit from my pusssssyyy”…

My moaning really gingered him to fire hard and deep into me. My tight p***y holding his rock hard d**k. Then I rolled him onto his back and mounted him. I rocked my hips back and forth in slow motion. I placed my hands on his chest to help me with rocking. His hands reached up and massaged my t–s, as I rocked on his d**k. He leaned his head back and moaned, he was in heaven. I lifted myself up and lowered myself down on his d**k over and over, tightening my p***y muscles to grip his d**k properly. I was bouncing so hard.

I noticed he was getting closer and closer to cumming, as he lifted himself up, rocked my back slightly so we were both sitting up. I wrapped my legs around him again, and my arms around his neck. With this new position, he was deeper inside me. He held my hips and lifted me up and down his d**k, I was moaning loudly again. I rocked faster and faster, building up another cum. I screamed out as I cum on his d**k, each wave sending more juices down his d**k. When my quake died down, he laid me on my back and held my legs open as he thrusted faster and faster.

His balls slapped my a*s, my nipples bouncing fast, as he plowed into me with force. My breathing quickened again, then he moaned out as he shot hot c-m into me, he collapsed over me, our breathing slowly returning to normal. We laid there in sweat and cum for a few minutes, before he spoke up.

“The spirit ministered to me to heal you from the inside, as I needed to transfer power into you that would drive the satanic sexual urge from you, keep this between us, go to bed and sleep, it’s almost 3am” I nodded and replied,

“Okay, sir. Goodnight” I got up, picked my shirt dress, wore it and walked out, with a huge smile on my face.

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