[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 17

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Later that night, after they finished the family night prayer, we all chorused goodnight and turned in for the night. I was about to lock the door to our room, when Mrs Margaret walked in and told me to follow her, I told my sister not to wait up and obediently followed Margaret. She took me into her bedroom, I was surprised to notice it was empty, I kept looking towards the bathroom to see if her husband will walk out, she noticed how uneasy I was,

“Calm down, my husband won’t be in until 1am, he stays up watching CNN, and he does that in the parlour, to avoid disturbing me while I sleep. I was able to come up with #20,000, that’s all I have in this house, I really need to have you, please. I won’t be able to sleep, knowing you are in this house and we didn’t have love, you’ve starved me for months now” she handed me the money and began kissing me.

I didn’t say a word, I dropped the money on the floor and gave in to her, I fully reciprocated and more. All the while, my mind was in her handsome husband sitting all alone in the parlour. I knew what Mrs Margaret wanted was to cum, so that she could sleep. I pulled away from her to lock the door, then I made her lay on the bed and feasted on her with reckless abandon, as an older woman, she has a very thick v****a that always covers my face each time am on her, and she tries to push my face harder into it, especially when my tongue is hitting the right button. I always stop to complain, because it feels like am being suffocated, breathing becomes so hard for me, but that night, I didn’t even complain. I bore it all, as I gave her the best head ever, with a greater goal in mind, which was her husband.

She was practically all over me, with hands and mouth. As I sucked, I put my hands forward and played with her nipples, while she used a pillow to cover her mouth from screaming out loud, it was past 10pm and Mrs Margaret is a very sexual screamer like her daughter, but they try so well to suppress it. Less than 15 minutes later, she had cum and was panting like someone that just did a marathon. I wiped my mouth with the back of my left hand, picked up the money and walked out, without saying a word to her.


When I got into the room, my sister was already asleep. I quickly showered and wore a very transparent shirt dress, I was still wearing my slippers when I heard my phone vibrate on the table, it was an sms from Mrs Margaret which read, “Thanks for making my night. It’s your turn to be sucked, tomorrow night” I turned off the phone and slowly walked out.


The house is a very big one, but not as big as my Aunty’s own, it’s a duplex with 3 different sitting rooms, I went to the one we prayed, the place was dark, I decided to check the other one very close to the kitchen, that was when I saw the light from the television coming through the slightly opened door. I looked inside and saw him seated comfortably, tapping his phone, while his eyes were glued to the TV screen. I walked into the kitchen, turned on the light, sat on the floor and began to finger myself, I moaned so loud to attract his attention. I am not a big fan of masturbation, I had so many people fucking me so there was no need to do myself, but I had to that night, just to draw him out, all I needed to see was his reaction, that would determine my next move.

I continued to finger myself and moan loudly, with my eyes slightly closed. It was not up to 3 minutes, when I felt a hot slap on my shoulder,

“Katherine! What in God’s name are you doing to yourself?”

Gbagam!!! That was Mrs Margaret’s husband. I opened my eyes, faking shock and quickly got up to face him..

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