[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 15

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“Katherine! Katherine!” My Aunty was calling me.

I wanted to push him away so that i can quickly dress up to answer my Aunty, but he grabbed me harder. “Uncle!” I called with a low voice, but he wasn’t ready to listen to me. He kept on banging and re-positioned me to the doggy style. After a while, i could feel that i was already getting close to orgasm as i held his hands and directed them to my b****t. He pressed my b****t with his two hands as he bangs me from the back view. I never knew that i could still enjoy varieties of f**k in my entire life having been maltreated by my Aunty and her friends.

Meanwhile, we never knew that my Aunty was at the door watching at the whole episode! Her friend had gone and she came back thinking that she will have more of me, only to see a different Katherine in the arms of her lawfully wedded husband. At first, it was like a film. Not until she shouted.

“Jesus! Kate, what is going on here? Honey, I can’t believe this”.

I burst into tears and my Uncle never altered a word. My Aunty was still wondering if it was a reality before her husband broke the silence and said,

” You don’t always have time for me. You are always occupied with Church activities, even to prepare my meals is no longer part of your duties. Kste has been there to do everything even cleaning up our bedroom”.

My Aunty was about beating me when I warned her that i will speak if she beats me.

“Go ahead and tell me Kate”, My uncle shouted. “Speak!”

My Aunty was giving me sign not to speak, but i continued and told my uncle how i was molested by my Aunty and her friends. It was really a bad day for us all, as my Aunty was asked to pack her belongings.



We were still naked when we had the voice of Mrs Margaret at the sitting room. My Aunty went out to answer her, but with a moody face. We cleaned and dressed up to meet them at the parlor. My Uncle steered at Mrs Margaret with deep regret and anger. He finally said!

“I never knew that both of you are lesbians. Your husband will definitely hear this and you will be sent packing as well. Not only that, the church must hear this as well. You both have succeeded in turning my house into a brothel.”.

My Aunty and Sister Margaret knelt down to beg my Uncle, but he insisted that she must go back to her parents’ house.

“Leave my sight now before I loose my temper on both of you” he shouted at them. Then turn to face his wife..”No wonder we still don’t have kids”

Mrs Margaret left and my Aunty went inside to pack her bag. I held my Uncle warmly and pleaded that my Aunty should remain whilst i leave with my sister. He insisted as we both burst into tears. He embraced and held me close to his chest still weeping.



I was determined to make my Aunty pay without pity, the beginning is about to commence. What just happened was introduction.

Later in the evening, my Uncle came back and everything went back to normal, like nothing happened in his absence, while my Aunty was oblivious of the s*x escapades that went on in the hotel. Weeks passed and turned into months, I was still having s*x with both of them, but I didn’t see any sign they were making to bring my brothers to live with us, like they promised. My Uncle was always coming home in the afternoons from work, to collect one round from me and rush back to his office.


One afternoon, we had gotten back from school and was about to eat when my Uncle got back and told me to follow him into his room as usual, I told my sister to continue eating that I will be back. When I got into his room, he locked the door and rushed me. I pushed him away and told him I was seeing my period, he looked so disappointed and begged me to give him a blow job that he was already hard and will really pain him if he doesn’t release.

“Uncle, it’s not like I can’t s**k you o, it’s just that I am not happy at all” I said to him, then he replied and said,

“Hian! Nne m, ikpu nsom, I have told you several times to always tell me what bothers you, I will do anything for you, I swear. Why are you unhappy?”

“You promised me 3 months ago that you will bring my brothers here but you have not, am not even sure you are making any move sef” I said. He held me,

“I am doing everything possible to get them here, it’s not that easy, I have concluded with the guardians of your immediate younger brother and they agreed to release him next month, that’s when they will get someone to replace him, then the other one says she won’t release your other brother until she gets better, I heard she’s hospitalised. I didn’t want to be giving you details because I feel it’s not necessary. What you want is to be with your brothers, how I get them doesn’t matter” he finished.

I thought about it for a while and it made sense, so I smiled and went down on my knees and sucked him. Funny enough, with all the time we took talking about my brothers, his p***s was still very hard. I sucked until my jaw began to pain me,

“kai, am tired of sucking o. I have been on this for more than 30 minutes now and you still have not released, my mouth is really paining me, I am not sucking again” I said.

“Do you want to kill me? See how hard my rod is. If I don’t release this thing, I will be in a terrible pain. Oya let’s go into the bathroom let me enter you like that, we will turn on the shower and wash up the blood as we go, please don’t….” I cut him short with a surprised look on my face,

“eeh, you mean you want to have s*x with me on my period? No o, that will be so disgusting, with the smelly blood. Mbanu, I won’t allow it o…”

I made to leave the room, he grabbed me and begged like his life depended on it, I had to give in. We went into the bathroom and had s*x, it wasn’t even as bad as I thought. When we finished, he showered, dressed up and left, then I cleaned up the bathroom and went back downstairs to meet my sister.

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