[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 16

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I saw my younger sister in the parlour watching cartoon, she had finished eating and covered mine with her plate.
Immediately she saw me, she called my name and said,

“Big sis, why does Uncle come back everyday and you follow him into the room and lock door? I don’t understand. And that day i was told you did not attend school”

The question took me off guard,

“lock door kwa? No na, I usually help him with some stuff in his room, nothing else o” I replied, trying to sound like it’s nothing.

“Hmmm, okay o, if you say so then. Because the way both of you are acting, it seems like you are having that mummy and daddy play with him. I once heard your voice in his room”

“He was punishing me for breaking for something bad I did. I broke Aunty’s make-up mirror stand, so that’s why you heard that sound in his room”.

I stood there for a moment, shocked and wondered how a ten year old girl knew what s*x was and how on earth she found out I was always sleeping with my uncle every afternoon. I went after her and did all I could to find out how she knew but she kept mute. I made up stories to cover up what she knew was the truth, she still didn’t utter a word, only looked at me and smiled mischievously. I got so scared and worried. I didn’t want my kid sister to go through this same shit i am going through, I needed to do everything possible to erase her suspicions. I needed her to be different from me. So I made up my mind to talk to my Uncle about it.

Meanwhile, Mrs Margaret was still calling and begging me to see her, she had no idea that my Aunt found out about us and warned me to stop taking her calls. What I did was to save her number with another name and put my phone permanently on silent, so that each time she called it would vibrate in my pocket and I go into my room to pick it or let it end, then I call her back later when am alone. This went on for a while, until an opportunity finally presented itself.



A church program came up that required members to travel out of Lagos state. My Aunty was the leader, she made her husband go with them against his wish. As usual, Mrs Margaret didn’t go for reasons best known to her but her husband (the Assistant pastor) went. Once again, my kid sis and I, were taken to Mrs. Margaret’s house to be with them, for the duration of the retreat. Before we were dropped off, my Aunty took me to a corner and said,

“Katherine, you know we would have taken both of you along if not that you are writing your WAEC exams, so I had no other choice. You know I have not been able to confront Margaret for touching you without my consent, it’s not like I can’t call her out here right now and warn her off you, but I know why am still bidding my time, I will definitely confront her. If she tries to force you or anything, just give me a call, okay? I don’t want anyone laying hands on you, ever. You are mine and mine alone, do you understand?” I nodded with a very wicked smile,

“Yes, Aunty, I understand and I promise to do as you said”

I stood there and watched as they drove out of the compound, after saying a few words to Mrs Margaret and her husband. We were already used to the house so it didn’t take us long to settle down. Mrs Margaret and her daughter were so happy to see me. I was put in a different room with my sister, all because she didn’t want me to touch her daughter again. But what she didn’t know was that we always found a way to do it in school, imagine when we are in the same house.

Exactly 3 hours later, Mrs Margaret came into the room, told my sister to join her kids in the parlour, that she needed to talk to me. As soon as my sister left, she locked the door and grabbed me. She kissed me with reckless abandon, just like my Uncle does, when he had missed me a lot. She kept going, until I pushed her off of me,

“Wait first, I thought we had an agreement? You have to pay me first before you touch me, I don’t…”

“Kate, do you want to render me broke? Since this whole thing started, I know how much I have given you, my business is dwindling, I don’t have money anymore. Don’t be greedy, God. I don’t even know what you do with all that money, you are barely 17 years old, you have a very rich guardian that provides all you need. You are way too young, don’t turn yourself into a prostitute because of your insatiable desire for money, please, nne oma” she pleaded though sounding angry.

I got so pissed, I stared at her with so much scorn and replied,

“I became a prostitute the moment my Aunty touched my v****a to satisfy her urge. I became a prostitute the day both of you had me like a meal. I am a prostitute, Margaret, and if you still want my lips down there ( I pointed at her v****a) or yours on mine, then better go look for money, don’t come near me next time without money, or I will scream and tell the whole world everything”….

“Kate, are you threatening me? Has it gotten to that? Even when you know that I am madly in love with you?” She finished and tried to touch me again, I avoided her and left the room.

As I made to walk into the parlour, I saw her husband, the assistant pastor, speaking to someone on the phone. Wait! I thought I saw him preparing to leave for the retreat? Anyway he was looking as handsome as always, at that moment, I decided to have him as well. My uncle was the only man sleeping with him, having a feel of Mrs Margaret’s husband won’t be a bad idea, I thought to myself. But I needed to be very careful, he might not be as easy as my uncle.

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