[STORY] The Lesbian; Episode 10

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Meanwhile, my aunty had been busy attending to one church programme or another; she didn’t really have my time, until the day she walked in on me dressing up. I was wearing only panties, with bra in hands. She walked in, bolted the door and took the bra from me, dropped it on the bed, then began to kiss me passionately. She was kissing me like her life depended on it. Her moans were too loud and it gave me a great concern, though, I didn’t care if her husband caught us, my only fear was my smart, younger sister hearing her moans from outside. My sister looks up to me, I don’t want her to feel disappointed in me.

My aunt ravaged me, with reckless abandon. She kissed, sucked, nibbled and finger fucked me to her satisfaction. From the very first day this whole thing started, she never undressed in front of me neither did she tell me to touch her; she was the one doing the whole thing, which was unlike Mrs Margaret.

I had thought of how to pay my aunt back but the only two ways that came to mind were her husband and her pretty best friend. I had already collected her number, but I needed to thread with caution since I didn’t know if she was into such a thing or not. For I certainly know that it wasn’t all women that indulges in such act. But I was determined to pay my aunt back, so I didn’t mind the risk at all.



One night, my aunt went to a vigil and I knew the time to f**k her husband had finally come. I always made their bed every morning, but that particular day, I kept doing other chores and pretending not to remember to fix their bedroom until she was leaving that night. She walked into the kitchen and said,

“Once you are done from here, make sure you go straight to my room and arrange the bed before any other thing. I am off to the vigil, come and lock the door” she turned and left.

She had no slightest thought I would execute such plan because she believed I wouldn’t have a feeling for a man.

Two hours later, I quickly showered, wore the skimpiest of gown, with no bra and pant and walked straight into my aunt’s room. Her husband was already asleep on the bed. I stood there for a while staring at him, losing the courage to walk up to him. I thought of how nice he was and all he had done for my sister and I, also what would be my fate if he refused my moves, but then, I didn’t care. I had lost all sense of sanity. After standing there for about 5 minutes, I confidently walked up to him, gently got on the bed and traced my hand from his belly button, down to his waistline, and then He opened his eyes. He laid there and was staring at me, like he wanted to fully understand what was going on, I continued my ministration. Suddenly, he sprang up from the bed, pushed away my hand and got out of bed.

“Katherine, what are you doing? Are you stupid?

I got confused for a moment.

“What has come over you?” He asked, staring at me in shock.

“Uncle, relax jare. I know you want me, I see how you stare at my a*s and b****t, I only came to put you out of your mystery” I replied, undressing at the same time,

He stood and watched as I seductively got out of my dress, I had nothing under. Standing stark naked. I began to touch myself, I used my left fingers to massage my nipples while I dipped the middle of my right finger into my p***y. I was moaning and making sure that I don’t take my eyes off his. I knew he was turn on, he tried to speak but quickly shut his mouth and swallowed his saliva. I moved a bit and sat on his wife’s dressing table, spread my legs so wide and continued to finger myself. The next thing I heard was,

“Oh God, Kate, this is beyond wrong, will you stop that and get dressed this minute?”

I pretended not to hear him and continued what I was doing, by then, I was already enjoying myself, my eyes were half closed.

“Are you deaf? I said get dressed you this devil?”

I opened my eyes immediately and fear enveloped me, he shouted at me with so much anger. As I got off of the table and bent to pick up my gown, my eyes caught his heavily erect d**k, struggling to get it’s freedom from his boxer shorts. I smiled and quickly moved towards him and grabbed his d**k with both hands and started massaging it,

“Uncle, calm down😆. Just relax, your spirit is fighting this but your body really needs it. Let’s set this little man free. It will be our little secret”

I looked into his eyes and noticed how indecisive he was and I knew that was my opportunity to strike. He held my shoulders, while I kept rubbing his d**k

“Kate, you are a pretty girl…hhhmmm. Every man will get a harrrdd…will get a hard on seeing you naked…oh.. but you are very young and you will wake up to regreee…. hmmm… regret this.. and you are my wife’s niece. I can’t do this to herrrrr…oh my God. You have to stop doing that and leave this room at once before I lose it. Just leave, Kate”

He tried to pull my hands away from his d**k and I swiftly knelt down and put his d**k in my mouth, from the side of his boxer. He held my shoulders and tried to push me away again, but he was doing it like a very weak man, with his head thrown back, moaning at the same time. I sucked him like I learned from seeing too much pain. I deep throated and he let out a sweet scream,

“Oh God!. Where did you learn that? You are just so so good and sweet. My wife has never sucked me before” he said, while rubbing his hands on his head.

I stopped sucking and looked up to him,

“Uncle, do you want me to stop?” I asked him. He didn’t say a word, but held my head and slowly put his d**k back into my mouth.

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