[STORY] Marriage War; Episode 6

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It was Sunday, Danny dressed in blue suit with white inner wear while his wife Edith wore a white gown with blue ribbon hooked at the upper part of the gown. She parked her hair with blue ribbon and wore a pair of white heels that makes her almost the same height with her husband.

“Honey you look perfect ” he said

She blushed “same with you ” she replied.

“I always wonder if you are a mermaid or a fairy” she placed her finger on his lips and pecked him.

They were set to go to Ray’s house.


Rose and Alex wore native of the same design. They were so excited and overwhelmed with joy, the house was neat. Ray tried his best to make the house look good before his friends and their wives come around. As fate would have it his wife prepared the meal perfectly but she still had something that Rose will use against her before she will advise her.

The families enjoyed the meal prepared by Kiki, soon the men separated themselves so that the plans would begin.

Edith and Kiki who never knew about the plans spoke freely until Rose changed the topic

“how have you been coping with your husbands? Any complaints or misunderstanding?” she asked absent mindedly thinking the idea will not work.

Edith is the kind of lady that don’t like making her private life known to outsiders so she kept quiet but Kiki who was helpless with the way Ray has been treating her decided to speak so that her friends would help her out.

“Hmmmm! My sister it’s not easy at all. The husband I married has become a beast o, I remembered at campus when he used to kneel down to apologize to me but now it’s the other way round. He has totally changed” says Kiki

Edith hummed “I don’t get you, what are you trying to say? ” she asked

“my husband dislike me, the love he had for me had gone when I stepped into his house” she said amidst tears.

Edith shook her head in pity while Rose smiled mischievously like someone who has succeeded in a mission.

“I’ll not blame your husband Kiki, the Kiki I knew then is different from the present one” she said. That was when Edith coded.

“What happened to me? ” Kiki asked looking at her body like someone filthy who couldn’t find the stake.

“Kiki look at your hair for Christ sake, it’s rough and you don’t care about it not just that. Take a look at Edith and yourself, you look like Edith’s mother and if I would not mistaken she’s two months older than you right? ” Rose asked.

Kiki looked at herself, “But I’m okay now, I have to dress like an African woman that I am” she said

“No, you have to look fancy and s**y, can’t you see the way your husband dress? Please dear don’t disgrace yourself else one day another woman will snatch him from you” Rose said. The three were quiet

While the men were watching at the three ladies from the hiding place

“what did you even see in this Calabar girl?” Alex started at Ray

“It’s the same thing you saw in that Tiv girl you married” Ray retorted

“Either Calabar, Igbo or Tiv they are all meant to be married so long as they are single. All what I know is that Ray is after big buttocks ladies that was why he went for Kiki” said Danny, that made all burst into laughter.

“And you, you are after beauty and s*x that’s why you went for Edith ” Ray tried to include Danny

“Not just beauty, he likes well packaged lady and now she’s turning him down. She no gree do” added Alex, that all laughed.

“She’ll not turn me down tonight, this my testicles will go after her even to her father’s house.” Danny said, this time the laughter was uncontrollable.


The women were confused about the sudden laughing discussion among their husbands. Rose tried her best to force words from Edith but she insisted she’s cool with her husband.

“Danny and I are doing cool as you can see, I think he is the perfect man because he tolerate anything I do” Edith said nicely.

For Kiki, all what her friends said only touched her skin. It did not sink into her brain, she believed her husband will not act in such a way with her just because of her dressing.



At 9pm they all left Raymond’s house to their respective homes. Edith and Danny discussed about what happened when they were with their friends. She laughed about the gossip of Kiki.

At home they both freshened up without dinner, they were both satisfied. Danny was on his plan, by will or by force she must give him that thing between her legs.

They chatted together like new lovers or should I say lovers at first sight, soon the chat was emotional. It started with a gentle kiss then it became intense, his hands was on her body. He played with my b****t while the kiss go deeper. The thought of s*x crossed Edith’s mind then she stopped.

“Hope you are not trying to show me attitude?” he asked.

Edith looked at him and shook my head as no but deep down, she was not ready to have s*x yet.

“then let’s continue, I want to have you tonight” Danny said.

They continued kissing but Edith was still scared then an idea came to her mind

“I’m coming let me go and take water” she said, he agreed.

She tiptoed downstairs, it was 10pm already. She picked her car keys on the table and tiptoed to the gate, she opened the gate first before driving out.

Edith breathed sigh of relief “sorry I can’t help. I’m honestly not ready for s*x. You can have yourself there” she said while driving..


Edith drove to her parent’s house. She tapped the door bell, her dad came out

“Good evening dad”

“There’s nothing good about this evening, hope you have not come here to pass the night, because i will beat hell out of you”

“Yes dad I can’t go back home tonight” she replied between sobs

“Don’t worry, I just spoke with your husband, he narrated everything to me. I don’t have accommodation for you, leave my house!” he said and banged the door on her.

Tears dropped down from her eyes, she never thought her dad would be this serious and mum who was always on her side did not even show up. Edith tapped the door bell several times but there was no response, she walked to her car and drove out hopelessly.

On my way to only God knows where, she remembered Eunice her room mate who lives closer to her parents house…”She’s still single” Edith thought… Edith drove to her house and pleaded with her that she will leave the next day. She lied to Eunice that it was visitation that kept her out late and so going home would be late as well.

Few minutes later Edith got an international call, it was her immediate elder brother Charles who was outside the country. Mr Billy sent him to take care of his company outside the country.

Charles is the only one who knew everything about Edith and he knew how to convince her to do anything. He advised Edith to go back to her husband the next day and apologise to him. He also told her taht s*x is not painful as she think and said she will end up liking it. Edith laughed over the phone.

Soon Edith was off to bed thinking about her father’s actions…. does marriage guarantee him to disowned me his only daughter?



~Alex House~

“Hope everything went well ” Alex asked his wife

“pretty good o, I pray it works out well but for Edith she’s good at keeping secrets. She’d refused to tell me her problem” Rose replied.

“hmmmm that lady needs a good counseling”

“I think so”

He kissed her forehead ..“let me prepare for dinner ” she said and walked to the kitchen.



Raymond hoped and prayed his wife has listened because immediately they left, she cleared the dishes and cleaned up the house.

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