[STORY] Marriage War; Episode 5

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Danny saw his wife off, he introduced his wife to his PA briefly.

“Her name is Annabel she’s my new PA” he said.

“Ah ah but you never told me of having a new PA” she said like someone angry.

“I forgot to tell you but it is not too late, Annabel this is my wife, she is the love of my life ” he said taping her while she blushed.

“Thank God I came with my car else you wouldn’t have gone to your friends house, whose house are you going today? ” she asked

“Awwn, Raymond o”

“Alright, my regards to Kiki. It has been a while”

“Don’t worry dear, I’ll take you there one of these days” he replied.

She smiled and pecked him. Time to go home was near, Danny arranged everything and left few for Annabel to continue with it.  Soon the three met at their usual place and zoomed off each with his own car.



They all arrived at Raymond’s house, Raymond heart was pounding heavily. He prayed gently against disappointment but his Kiki still remained Kiki. As they tap the door bell, she gladly opened the door because her husband had informed her earlier about the arrival of his friends. He also called her while he was driving in order for her to code and know what to do.

She opened the door at everyone’s surprise she was tying a wrapper on her chest, with a half loosed hair & a dirty looking hair net over it. She opened her arms to hug her husband as usual her armpit were bushy. Disgrace number one.

They entered the living room without minding what they saw initially, the living room was turned upside down, her clothes were on the cushion, her toothbrush and tooth paste were on the floor. The teddy bear she always keep beside her whenever she’s sleeping was on the floor. That was when Raymond spoke in annoyance

“what the hell is wrong with you, toothpaste and toothbrush in your living room and you don’t care? ” he asked peering at her.

“Sweetie don’t rush into conclusion, I was at the bathroom brushing when they started my favorite TV program so I rushed to the living room to watch it. I forgot ” she said,

Alex and Danny could not help but laugh at her foolish excuse.

“And what about the clothes? Was it not the clothes you wore to my office yesterday? I told you to arrange them somewhere if you can’t wash them now what are they doing here? Watching the movie with you right? ” he asked.

“Oh common you must not be to harsh on her like that, she’s your wife not your younger sister ” Alex pleaded on her behalf.

He calmed down and started packing the clothes, he asked her to take the toothpaste and brush to the proper place. He removed his clothes,swept the house and mopped it while his friends waited patiently for him.

“I’m so sorry for the embarrassment ” he said after cleaning the place.

“we understand, it’s nothing ” Danny replied.

“this is the hell I’ve been going through with the wife since I married” he said

“don’t worry, we know you hate dirty things. She can’t frustrate you like this, I have an idea as a friend ” said Alex.

“please tell me about it” Ray demanded with keen interest.

“I’m gonna tell my wife about this, you know she’s a woman of understanding. We’ll visit your house on Sunday just like family friends visitation. We’ll allow the three women to interact and she will educate her in the act of interacting.”

“wow that’s a good idea“ says Danny

“thank you for this, I think it will help” says Ray.

Kiki dished out food for them, when it comes to cooking. She’s unbeatable but they were scared of eating her food because of her unhygienic character. Soon everyone was gone to their respective home.



Alex’s wife gave him a warm hug, Rose that’s her name. She is a very good young lady and easy to flow with.

“Guess what? ” he asked

“you know I’m not good at guessing”

“yeah but guess ” he insisted

“OK you won a lottery ” she said boasting out

“No why will you think such? ” he said

“then tell me”

“I just discovered you are the best wife among the three ladies that got married at St Immaculate church on 25th of October” he said, she burst out into laughter

“what are you saying? You can’t compare me to Edith, she is too perfect and beautiful, imagine how she looked in her white gown” she said

“They were just for fashion, you know she told Danny she doesn’t want sexual relationship when they were in a relationship and he agreed. She is still depriving him of s*x, maybe she is not a virgin just the way she told him she was a virgin and for Kiki that one is worse, she’s so dirty. All she could do is to stay at home and watch movies, looking so unkept”

She nodded her head feeling sorry for their husbands

“that’s why we need to be honest to one another. Edith did not know Danny would become her husband and now she is avoiding s*x because if he get to know she is not a virgin, his trust for her will reduce”

“That’s What I’m thinking. But we can’t tell if she’s a virgin or not. On Sunday we will be visiting Ray, and Danny’s family are also coming over. Try to ask Edith if she is still a virgin or if there is something else she is avoiding from her husband, also try to educate Kiki on personal hygiene if she can take care of herself then house maid will take care of the house” he said

“Okay dear, I’ll do my best to make them the way I am”.

“And to make my friends as happy as I am” he added

She smiled and paused while her husband carried her to the bedroom.




“Hey babe, we are going to Ray’s house a day after tomorrow that’s Sunday. You’ll see Kiki ” Danny said to his wife, Edith.

“wow that’s cool, I’ve missed her, especially her tasty food” she said

Danny smiled remembering how he and Alex were scared of eating the food she served them. He didn’t mention anything s*x to avoid disgrace, he preferred to be cool until her witch spirit had calm down.


Raymond avoided his wife like plague, he didn’t want to complain about what had happened earlier between both of them. He prayed the plan works out well. He promised to tidy up the house on Sunday to avoid disgrace.


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