[STORY] Marriage War; Episode 4

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Mr & Mrs Billy arrived at their inlaw’s house with their daughter but he was not at home, Danny had gone to work.

Edith felt relieved but her dad proved her wrong when he ordered her to cook and package it for her husband.

“Your husband must eat breakfast from you, cook whatever you are supposed to cook according to your food time table, package it we are going to his place of work. Your mum and I skipped work because of you.” he said while Edith gave out a frown.



Danny glanced at his wrist watch, it was 11am already his personal assistant (PA) came to remind him of lunch. He usually meet his two best friends (Raymond & Alex) in an eatry by 2pm for lunch but Fridays they meet 11am.

“Awwn I know Raymond and Alex will be waiting for me” he said

“Sir, you told me to remind you of some files you are yet to sign” says Annabel the PA

“It’s like you don’t know I’m hungry. My wife….” he stopped and thought for a while. He realized it is not important telling his family affair to an ordinary PA

“Sir are you sure you are okay? ” Annabel asked

“yeah ” he said almost in a whisper.


Annabel kept looking at him until Danny left. She is a nice and caring lady whom he employed just about a week ago.

Danny arrived at his usual eatry where he eat, everywhere was quiet. Raymond looked worried. The menu was brought to them, Danny selected the one he wanted same as his friends, they were all served.

Eating seem to be boring, Danny lost appetite and noisy Raymond that always keeps them busy with chat was quiet alone, he summoned courage to ask what was going on.

“Guy you look bored today what’s the problem? ” Danny asked facing Raymond who was playing with the food with his spoon, it seems he also lost his appetite too but Alex was seriously swallowing his fufu and vegetable soup….that one no get pproblem😂

Raymond always tells his secret but today it seems he wasn’t ready to speak this time. The only thing he said was marriage is not easy.

“Guy marriage is easy o, you only fall in the wrong hand but Kiki is nice now. Why are you saying all this? ” Alex asked absent mindedly

“It’s true o, marriage is not easy. My wife left me yesterday. I can’t even eat, no apetitte ” Danny said.

“you better thank God for the kind of beautiful wife you have. She is caring and hardworking ” Raymond responded to Danny.

“I that have my body, I’m the one that knows which part pains me. I can’t be eating her beauty or her hardworking, my wife is greedy” Danny blurted while they laughed

“How will she be greedy? You are now making me to have apetitte ” says Raymond who found Danny’s words funny.

“She has refused me of s*x since the day we got married” Danny said in anger.

“She never jam be that, person like me if my testicles shake whether she’s ready or not I will get in smoothly ” says Alex

“That lady is stubborn, I don’t even know how she managed to run faster than me last night to the extent she went to her family house, konji nearly killed me last night.”

“Hmmm, don’t go and kill yourself because of her o, the best thing is to make her jealous by taking another lady but don’t do anything with the lady o. Simple, yours can be solved but my problem is like everlasting and I can’t run from it” Raymond said.

“Either pretence or reality, I don’t want to move with any woman or make my wife jealous. I swear I will rape her if she tries anything funny again.” Danny replied with a hiss.

“Let’s change the topic, Raymond we are going to your house today after work don’t forget today is Friday” Alex said while Raymond gave a weird look.

We usually visit one another every Friday, last Friday was at my house and this Friday will be Raymond’s house.


Lunch was over, Danny got to his office. Few minutes later, his wife and her parents came. As cute as ever. She was shy when she entered her husband’s office, Danny never knew about her shy attitude until they got married, she’s really crazy.

Danny narrated everything to his in-laws about what transpired between him and his wife. Edith’s mum started advising her while her dad nag and shouted at his daughter.

“If you try coming to my house at night again I’ll not allow you to enter. We may have to force that v****a open” he angrily said before leaving.

There was a silent for a while after her parents left, Danny refused to smile at his wife so she would know how hurt he felt.

“Baby I’m sorry over what happened last night, I promise it will not repeat itself again ” she said calmly.

Danny refused to answer her, the rate of his shakara is higher than that of a pregnant woman. She placed her hands on his neck, at that moment, he thought of having s*x with her in the office but his PA might enter at any time.

He hugged her and told her he has forgiven her.

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