[STORY] Marriage War; Episode 3

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~Raymond’s Family~

Raymond is a best friend to Danny. He too is in a different hell with his wife. Raymond laid on his bed backing Kiki his wife who was busy tapping him

“we need to talk” she said.

He finally gave in to her “okay I’m listening” he said pretending to be half asleep while his wife was talking and crying at the same time.

“If you can’t speak then let me sleep in peace, what is the reason behind all this cry like someone mourning for the dead?” he said angrily.

“My love, you don’t care for me the way you use to do before. You get angry with me easily, you come back home with sad face and go to work with the same sad face. You will be laughing with your friends but whenever you sight me you change your mood, why? I will be horny but you won’t want to touch me. I’m your wife speak to me” she said

“Is that all you want to say? I’m not angry with you, I’m only angry with myself for marrying you. You keep asking for s*x like they use d**k swear for you, haba na” he said and turned to sleep while she broke into new beginning of tears but he gave a deaf ears.


Kiki has made life a living hell for Raymond. He brought the idea of a house maid but she kicked against it thinking he would stoop so low to conquer on a house maid. Kiki hardly takes her bathe until she’s been persuade to, she doesn’t shave her pubic region, it always sticky and booming with smells and she always wants to have her husband’s d**k inside of her. It was not so before they married her.

The house always look unkept and all Kiki do is to watch movies all day, the television. Raymond keeps wondering what to do with her. Kiki will always tie wrapper on her chest walking to and fro, and he hates it. Raymond always tells her his mum is 50yrs but her dressing still seduces his old papa. Do think Raymond is unfortunate having such kind of woman?


It was 6am Mr Billy wakes Edith up very early in the morning

“Oya, go and dress, you will not be in my house for the next two hours.” he shouted and slammed her door.

Edith frown hearing her dad’s words. Her mom rushed into Edith room…

“Don’t be acting like amala, your dad and I are waiting. Your husband must not take breakfast outside. Bby i know this is hard for you but you have to be strong.” she said and walk out.

We all know the problem of the two families now (Danny’s Family & Raymond’s Family)


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