[STORY] Marriage War; Episode 2

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A car horned at the gate, Mrs Billy got up, she switched on the bedroom light to see the clock. It was 11pm, she became scared as she tapped her husband to inform him someone was at the gate. Mr & Mrs Billy are parents to Edith.

Mr Billy was partially scared but he had to act like a man, he took his gun and headed for the gate because the gate man will not open the gate for whoever is horning. Mrs Billy prayed silently for her husband, although she had never encountered any armed robbery attack but she was scared of robbers and thought it might be them.

Before Mr Billy could reach the sitting room door, Aminu the gateman had already opened the gate for whoever was horning. Aminu was also scared but got confidence when he saw his boss with a gun. Peeped through the gate to know who it was but couldn’t recognize the person because of the darkness.

Mr Billy set his gun as the car moved in, he recognized the car as the one he bought for Danny and Edith during their wedding party. He dropped his gun to see the next action that would follow. Edith ran towards him, she hugged him tightly and broke into tears.

Mr Billy asked several rhetorical questions

“what happened? Where is Danny? And why did he allow you to drive at this ungodly hour? Where you both attacked by robbers?”

All she could do was to cry the more like an infant demanding for b****t milk. He had no option than to cuddle her and take her in. Mrs Billy was relieved discovering it was not what she thought will happen really happened but she was confused and displeased seeing her daughter in that state.

The weather was cold, it was also late and not advisable for driving. She made hot tea for her daughter to help her warm up. Mr and Mrs Billy waited impatiently for their daughter to tell them what went wrong to the extent she could not wait till morning before coming. Mr Billy tapped his feet several times while his wife placed her hand on her cheek.

“What happened? ” her mother asked after Edith has finished sipping the tea.

She began to cry again, this time her father was already in rage.

“Will you tell us the problem instead of crying like a baby so we can help you? ” her father asked angrily.

“did he spank you? Did he hit you?” the mother added but she shook her head indicating no.

“Then what went wrong that made you to leave your marital home this night? ” her father asked impatiently.

“He tried to rape me” Edith summoned to say.

Mrs Billy burst into uncontrollable laughter while her husband frowned

“Honey, but this is not funny at all” he said while she controlled herself…. “how can your husband try to rape you?” he asked her not smiling or finding it funny.

“daddy I’m not joking, I was sleeping while he made attempts to s*x me without my permission and that is marital rape… ”

“common shut up. What’s wrong with you? Are you stupid?” her father cut her in.. Tomorrow we are going to see Danny, you’ll explain yourself better cause that reason is not genuine at all” he said. Edith’s father is a strict man but he doesn’t like her childish behaviours.

She cried and clinched unto her mum but her like a 2 years old child. Mr Billy kept ranting angrily..

“Look here, do you think I’m pleased with what you did? You almost risked your life. How could someone that paid your bride price rape you? He owned you and has the right to do anything with you, I believe he was not going to harm you. Was I the one that forced you there? Or was I the one that made you to fall in love with him? You better know that you’re no longer a baby, you are a woman and will become a mother” he said and walked out.



The first day Danny approached Edith, she told him she did not want any sexual relationship which he accepted but why is he pressurising me now?

Ever since I know myself….. I hate s*x and I’ve heard many stories about it of how painful it is….. I don’t want anything to cause me pain. If Danny will keep forcing me I’ll just pack my belongings back because my room is still empty, my father has many houses. If he’s not comfortable for me to live with him then he’ll give me a house. Love is not all about s*x, what matters is care and trust….. I trust him and he trust me…… I care for him and he cares for me…… What more?” Edith thought to herself.

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