[STORY] Marriage War; Episode 11

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Gift came to work very early, Annabel was at work already looking at her and smiling mischievously.

Gift kept wandering what was making Annabel to smile but she couldn’t figure it out. She walked to her office not minding Annabel. As she sat on her rocking chair bowing her head to pray, just then her phone rang, it was a message alert.

Gift exercised patience to finish praying before checking the message. After she finished praying Anabel entered her office this time laughing uncontrollably

“What’s the problem?” Gift asked in annoyance.

“Your boss asked me to call you and mind you don’t you ever speak to me in such an annoying tone because I’m not your type” she said.

Gift was surprised at her. She walked to Danny’s office, immediately he saw her, he started smiling. Gift was happy to see him smiling so she smiled back

“didn’t you see the unusual alert?” he asked

“no sir” I answered

“alright take this to your office and read it, the alert is double of your salary” he said.

Gift thought it was a promotion letter but when she went outside his office Anabel broke into another segment of laughter. She got to her office and prayed before opening the letter. It read:




Your performance towards the company has been found below the standard of the company.

Based on this, the management wish to inform you that your service is no longer needed starting from the  10th of August, 2020.

You will be given one month salary in lieu of notice.
wishing you all the best.

Danny Benson
Managing Director.


Tears dropped down from Gift’s eyes, no wonder Annabel was laughing….”I’ve been working in this company for 8yrs before Mr Benson handed over the company to his son. I’ve been promoted several times because of my hardworking towards the progress of the organization. I shouldn’t be dismissed in such a way. I thought of who has poisoned my boss’ heart to be against me then I remember his wife, it might be her because of what I told her. I know my boss will not listen to the cheap whore he called PA but was I wrong for telling her the truth?… She thought to herself.

Gift was so confused and devastated, she never knew such would befall her so soon. The sack was like a slack cause it came as a bombshell.



Mrs Alex and her mother in-law were on their usual strolling when they experienced something unusual. Her mother in-law noticed reddish stain on her dress.

“What is this?” she asked trying to check the stain.

Rose quickly turned her dress towards her to see what was that. She opened her mouth wide

“It’s blood, you have lost your baby” her mother in-law said.

Rose fell and fainted immediately hearing she had lost her baby. Her mother-in-law was helpless. She ran and called people who came to her aid. They helped her by taking her to the hospital.


Mr Alex rushed to the hospital on hearing about the state of his wife. He rushed to the doctor

“Doctor! Doctor!! where is my wife” he asked

“Calm down she will be fine, she is in the theater” he said and walked out.

Alex was crying already “calm down, you have to be a man for once. She is not going to die” his mum console him.

Soon the doctor arrived and asked them to go and see her. Alex was so eager to hear the doctor’s report concerning his wife. He and his mother were at the doctor’s office.

“so what happened to her? ” he asked.

The doctor hummed.

“Mr Alex I would like to talk to you privately ” he said but his mother insisted she’s not an outsiders.

Alex agreed with his mother’s decision because whatever the problem was she would surely get to know.

“From what I get to know out of the test we did, your wife has a damaged womb and cannot give birth to a child of her own” he said

The words stroke Alex and his mother

“why? How comes? ” his mother asked peering at the doctor.

“Well, I can’t dictate but such usually occurs when a lady had an abortion without proper care” he said

“What???? ” Alex asked but his mother gave him a frown face and left the hospital immediately.

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