[Story] Lust; Episode 6

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My d**k was still right in-between her clothed b****ks crack! I returned the gesture
and soon, we had begun a slight but steady
grind! She would grind into me while I responded by drilling my d**k further up her crack. This continued for quite a while and
she did well by keeping mum distracted with
the conversation she was having with her.

After what seemed a full twenty minutes, aunt Annarose told us she wanted to use the toilet. I had expected her to rise immediately but she didn’t. And had it been she did so, I would have been exposed to mum. My 8inch raging boner was very pronounced on the fabric of my boxer at that point and mum would have seen it clearly. So aunt’s choose to give me a while to adjust was well taken and I did well to hide the stiff pecker before she stood and left for the toilet. When she returned, she didn’t rush her sitting, instead
she seemed to study the situation first.

Mum had been sitting on her rug-covered floor. In fact, that was the more reason why she hadn’t seen any of the things that have been going on. I was getting worried now that aunt won’t be getting back to sit like before. My d**k had gone limp slightly and I assume she must have felt the frustration on my face. Because not long after, she returned to the same exact position but this time, she seemed to be particular about keeping her legs closed together while doing so.

Aunt Annarose caught my crotch with her bum as usual and as my d**k sprang to life again, it found it’s way straight in-between her b*****ks crack and alas! It appeared bare! She had gone out to remove her panties! The only thing separating my blood-filled d**k from Aunt Annarose’s luscious b*****ks was my boxer shorts! I was in dream land!

I was brought back to the present by a thrust from aunt’s b*****ks. She obviously wanted us to resume our little play thing and I easily
obliged. I even responded harder than before by making sure my d**k got ever closer to her p***y opening but still very discreetly and she showed her gratitude by turning her head a bit towards me, giving me a slight smile. She was not hiding the fact anymore. She must be wanting me to f**k her or something! We rocked our hips back and forth in the slowest of ways but yet with so much intensity. I was spotting the most erect d**k in town, and when I observed her
b***s from the side of her robe, I clearly saw her erect tits sticking through! She was equally aroused.

Not long after, I blew my jizz into my boxer, for the second time that day. I just couldn’t bear the arousal anymore. There was so much pour that my entire crotch was drenched as it ran down my thigh. Aunt must have felt the sudden dampness in my short right on her bare b*****ks because she
responded by rubbing her b*****ks more and
more into my crotch, seeming to make the
sticky thing smear all over my pubic region.
We both were obviously enjoying this. We had barely finished this when mum began packing all the cloths back in. Indicating to us that it was time for her to go to bed. This was meant to mean little to me but considering that my bedroom is just right across mum’s door, sticking with aunt for the night wasn’t just looking a possibility. I would have loved to take a chance of bleeping her that same night but that does not mean I was not satisfied with what she had already given me.

With the aid of one of the pillow’s on mum’s bed, I hid my soaked shorts and made it out of her room. I didn’t get to talk to aunt again that night and as I made to sleep later on, thoughts of all that had happened that very day never left my head. I had just come close to bleeping a favourite aunt who loves rimming her a—–e with a big fat dildo.

Fabulous!I earnestly anticipated a very apprehensive Wednesday morning after I had woken up. You cannot tell me you wouldn’t foresee same if you had just spent the past few hours poking your enormous 8inch pecker into your aunt’s sprawling b*****ks! I may have thought about, fantasized and maybe wished that the earlier incident would happen but never did I think it was gonna happen the way it had. I felt pretty cool last night (…nobody will feel any less), and do swear that I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of our romp back then.

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