[Story] Lust; Episode 4

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Dad soon knew about Aunt Annarose’s arrival, mum made the call. I even had to call Chimma too, that is my sister’s name. Well, as always, she was not going to make it back soon. Her coy were on a tour somewhere around Ghana and wouldn’t
be through anytime soon. I still had to tell
her. Not like I was not aware she wouldn’t be
making it back for aunt Annarose. Aunt too joined in the calls and soon all our relatives in the whole wide world knew she was in town.

As for me, my thought strictly refused to be distracted from the images of the vibrator I had seen! It even kept looking like I had only seen it a second ago. I was soon taking a decision to continuously begin inspecting the vibrator with the hope that I will catch it wet someday! Yep, wet from Aunt Annarose’s sloppy Kittycat! In fact, thinking about this fact, only got me harder down there! No one was aware of what was playing through my head, not even mum. I doubted I was ever going to see Anna in
thesame light. I mean, she was my favourite Aunt, yea. No doubt. But she has also been some kinda moral influence on me. The times she used to stay with us back
then, she would always warn me against lots of things like s*x, bad girls, pornography, alcohol, hard drugs etc. So most times I
found myself trying to please her more than my own parents.

You can now imagine what I felt like when I found the fat pink dildo vibrator in her bag. I was never going to remain the same. I was already perceiving her as some kind of s*x figure! Now I ain’t saying that owing a dildo around here was some kind of big thing. Not at all. Of course I have heard things about how s*x toys were becoming very rampant in places like Abuja and Lagos. Even though Enugu should be the last on that queue, I wouldn’t say that was my cause for the sweet shock I had experienced. Rather it was totally because of the explanation I had given earlier. Aunt Anna appeared too right to me to own a dildo.



As the day went by, mum kept engaging aunt in lots and lots of chit chat, I was gradually being isolated. Aunt had now changed into a new cloth. It was basically knickers but was designed like the old dungaree. In other words, it continued up to
the neck so that you have an option of tying
the slings around your neck. However, it did
not cover her back. So just her lower half down to her thigh, chest, belly and b****t were covered. Well, if at this point you still haven’t got the explanation you can assume anything you want as the damn cloth. After all, house cloths is house cloths😂.

Now, back to the story. So as I said, I was continuously being slightly ignored. I had resumed my gaming while taking everything I have got to ogle aunt’s body. Since she was on knickers, her sitting meant her entire thighs were bare for all to see. Of course mum should find this normal as she is a lady but lord knows that I was being aroused seeing them. Her thighs were so fleshy and round. And each time she adjusted in her seat, my eyes were caught in the undulating circular folds of the perfectly light skin! I was mesmerized! This was never going to happen to me few days ago since I never thought of Anna as a source of s*xual pleasure.

“So how has study been little Danny?” her question jolted me out of my seat
as I never expected it.

I was staring right at the side of her hip that had been pushed out as a result of her sitting. She must have caught me doing so although I wouldn’t say same for mum as she had engaged her attention by flicking through various TV channels.

“It’s….been fine”, I was stuttering. “We are on vacation”

“Oh! Really? Should be your final year now, right?”

“Yea. Exactly”, obviously proud of being so”

“Wow! You are now a grown man… Little Danny! You should be called Big Danny now”

She was looking at mum while saying so by way of emphasis I only grinned endlessly. Flashing my eyes at her and mum doing so.

“Come here let me carry you a little! You ain’t the Little Danny I know anymore. Hope you haven’t added weight o”

She was grinning widely and spreading her legs in anticipation of my coming.

Now don’t ask me if I accepted to be lapped. And don’t ask me how shy I was accepting so as well. Believe you me, if you were in my shoes too you would definitely be grabbing the offer with both hands like your life depends on it. Wonder how I am expected not to take the privilege of entirely soothing my hard done self with the soft skins of the bosom of such a gorgeous woman who happens to be my aunt.

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