[STORY] Impregnate Me Or I Die; Episode 12

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I had never seen Chief Mike before until Iya ibeji took me to his guest house. He was an elderly man in his late 60s. He kept to his promise as he handed over a polythene bag containing N500 notes of N600,000 to me. We didn’t talk too much as it all sounded like a deal. Iya ibeji was glad when I came out of his room with the black polythene bag.

“Congratulations, you will soon be a mother,”

She held my hand and we walked out of the guest house together. But I was really ashamed because all of chief’s staff who attended to us knew what I came for. A married woman for that matter.

I had crossed the first hurdle, I have the money but how was I going to make it for the two weeks camping with prophet David without my husband’s knowledge? I kept the money with Iya ibeji because there was no how I could keep it without my husband discovering it.



Two weeks after I got the money there was no idea of the type of lie I could tell my husband until he came home that day with a letter for a three weeks course in Port Harcourt. I was so happy because this came at the right time. My husband was perplexed with my reaction towards his course compared to when he was promoted.

The day my husband left for Port Harcourt, I left for Abaji the following day. I made all payments and was given my room. It was in room 5. I was there all alone until around 8pm when a lady knocked at my door,

“Who is there? I asked.

“It’s me Stella.”

I headed towards the door since it was a lady’s voice. We greeted and she told me the lord Bishop will be seeing me by 9:45pm tonight and I should get set. I lost my peace after Stella told me Prophet David will be seeing me by 9:45pm. What exactly is he coming to do? I couldn’t eat the food they served me because of fear. But I had reached the point of no return. At exactly 9:45pm, there was a knock at my door and I knew it must be Prophet David but for courtesy sake I asked, who is there? It was Stella who responded,

“The lord Bishop”.

I opened the door as Stella led him in and took her leave. I couldn’t look at his face because I knew I was in for something dirty. He sat on the bed as he opened his bag and brought out a bottle water and stretched it to me,

“Take drink, this is the blood of my new covenant that was shed for you”.

I know I normally hear this quotation whenever our pastor wants to serve us holy communion in church. I took the water and drank as he instructed. The next thing, he pulled of his clothes and was standing before me stark naked in front of me. I was half conscious and half unconscious. I knew all the time he came on me but I couldn’t resist him or say anything. Was this what iya ibeji went through before having her twins?

For the two weeks Prophet David took advantage of me. He gave me no breathing space day nor night. He will always sprinkle water on my private part before using me. My phone was taken away all through and switched off. I was to leave on Thursday, by Wednesday evening I was in full control of myself.

“Where is my phone?” I asked lady Stella.

“Your phone will be given to you later tonight.”

When she brought my phone I quickly switched it on and I got more than ten SMS. Most of the messages were from my husband. While I was trying to go through the messages my phone rang, Lo and behold, it was my husband, I didn’t pick as I had to think of a lie to tell him. He called again and I picked,

“What happened my sweet heart?” He asked anxiously.

“My phone fell inside the three-seater sofa and I didn’t know it was switched off. I just discovered it today.”

It didn’t take him time to believe me. We talked at length and he narrated all his experience in Lagos. I will be back in a week time, he said and ended the call.

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