[STORY] Impregnate Me Or I Die; Episode 11

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One month came and passed nothing happened. I made life really difficult for my husband within this time. His fasting lifestyle became a big challenge in the home. I became worried for the fasting because he was getting leaner and he began to lose interest in the bedroom. This became our major reason for quarrel daily. This night you must break this fasting, my ovulation starts today and I can’t let you continue the fast and let my ovulation time pass.

“Sweet heart, why haven’t you conceived all this time you have been observing your ovulation period? Let’s deal with the root cause, the Bible says this kind goeth not out but by fasting and prayer,” he quoted.

I wasn’t interested in the scripture he’s quoting, I wanted to maximize this time because the ultimatum I gave to God will elapse next month.


Iya ibeji did not allow me to breath since our visit to prophet David.

“You don’t have to wait for three years like I waited when you have solution to your problem at the tip of your finger. All those you wedded around the same time are all carrying their babies except you. Will you wait until you get frustrated by your husband’s people? You better make hay while the sun shines” Iya ibeji encourage me.

Her words penetrated me even to my marrows, “all those you wedded around the same time are all carrying their babies except you”. These words echoed in my ears now and then.

The three months ultimatum I gave to God elapsed and I was still not pregnant. Obviously God wanted me to go for prophet David’s proposal. But why me? Why do I have to go through this? What’s my sin before God? What is my reward for serving him all these years? Why will God abandoned me this much? Where are his promises? How do I raise N600,000? What will I be doing for three weeks camping with prophet David, I know for sure it isn’t going to be prayer. I picked my phone and scrolled through iya ibeji’s number.

“Good evening Iya Ibeji, I have made up my mind ma, I want to see Prophet David but I have some challenges ma.”

“What are the challenges? Don’t worry when we see in church tomorrow we will talk of the challenges. I am happy that you have finally made up your mind.”

She was so happy about my decision. My challenges are how to raise N600,000 and how to do all these without my husband knowledge.

My husband was suspicious of my new relationship with Iya Ibeji because I have never told him anything about her nor the topic of our discussions yet we were always together after every of our services. I had to keep my husband waiting most times just to see Iya Ibeji. My husband could not hold his peace anymore because today’s discussion with Iya Ibeji was just too long. I knew he will insist on knowing the subject of our discussion today so I started planning out lies before he confronted me.

Just like I predicted, my husband insisted I must tell him what I have been discussing with Iya Ibeji.

“Nothing serious, she has been encouraging me and praying along with us on the issue of my inability to conceive.”

He wasn’t convinced but he had to accept my explanation like that. All through the night I couldn’t sleep because of the terrible things Iya ibeji suggested to me. How can I sleep with Chief Mike just for N600,000? Things I didn’t do while I was single, why I’m doing it now that I am married? This is pure adultery. But I needed the money to pay Prophet David. After all it is just one meeting with Chief Mike. I will do it, God has to forgive me. If he could forgive Sally for all the atrocities she committed why won’t he forgive me for just a one time adultery? Chief Mike is considerate for requesting just a one time meeting for N600,000. I made up my mind to do it.

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