[STORY] Impregnate Me Or I Die; Episode 10

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‘Sir, this is the woman I told you about on phone, she has been married for a year without a child. Please kindly help her like you did for me sir.’ Iya ibeji pleaded with prophet David.

‘Have you told her the terms and conditions?’

“No sir, but I know she will cooperate because she needs a child desperately. I will excuse you now with her for further counseling”.

Iya ibeji stood up and was leaving me and prophet David alone in the room. I became afraid as she closed the door behind her. No prayers, no quoting of Bible, nothing religious at all.

‘Madam do you want to carry your baby or not?’ He repeated same question Iya ibeji asked me as we entered the hotel.

‘Yes sir I want to carry my baby,’ I replied with fear all over me.

‘How do you want it, a male or female, twins or triplets?’

I didn’t know the conditions but I quickly said triplets.

‘That’s good madam, give me your hand.’

I stretched out my hands towards him and he looked at my palm like a man reading something on it. After two minutes he released my hand and went back to his seat.

“Triplet is N600,000 with three weeks prayer camping. When you are ready you can inform Iya Ibeji. You may go” he said.

I took my bag and left his office in hurry to join Iya ibeji at the reception.

“How did it go?” She asked me.

“Ma, I thought you said we are coming to see a prophet? This man in there is not a prophet of God. I didn’t see any Bible on his table neither did he offer a word of prayer. He charged me N600,000 for triplet with three weeks prayer camping. Ma, I doubt if I am interested, I am a Christian and I can’t do anything ungodly because I want children. I will wait on God, his time is the best”.


Where on earth will I get N600,000 when I have not started working? There’s no way I can ask even N100,000 from my husband without him investigating what I want to use it for. If I have to lie to him it must be a well planned lie. But I am a Christian, I can’t pay N600,000 just to have baby.

But how long will I wait for God? In my tears I told God to prove himself within three months or else I will give prophet David’s proposal a trial.

“If you are God and you don’t want me to go back to prophet David you must answer me within three months.” I gave God ultimatum.

I became a chronic liar as I had to tell my husband many lies to cover up my visit to prophet David Evans. My husband must not know I visited a prophet without his consent, it will be a serious issue if he knows. My thoughts were divided, should I consider prophet David’s proposal or not?

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