[STORY] Father’s Choice; Episode 4

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Adaobi had not been herself since Edochie left for Lagos. For that reason, she knew that she was in love with Edochie. She thought about all her father told her concerning his not being able to pay their school fees any more. So she decided to visit Edochie in Lagos; after all, Edochie was every woman’s dream. He was wealthy, young and handsome. Her pregnancy was getting to two months. As such, she really had to act fast. She made up her mind to call him and tell him that she might come to his house as soon as she visited her friend in Lagos. The truth is that Adaobi did not have any friend that stay in Lagos
She got up from her bed and went to her father and say,

“Father, there is something I want to tell you.”

“Yes, what is it? Say it and be fast about it as you can see, I am having a rest” Papa Adaobi snapped, feeling unhappy that Adaobi was not able to get Edochie to see him before he went back to Lagos.

“This man really wants to sell me off. What kind of a father is this? How I wished my mother is still alive, she wouldn’t have allowed this to happen to her only daughter,” Adaobi thought to herself.

“Well, Father, I want to go to Lagos” Adaobi said reluctantly.

“To do what?” her father requested neither raising his head nor opening his eyes.

“To see my friend, my girlfriend. Since the ASUU strike is still on, I want to change to another environment,” she answered.

“E-he e my daughter. You are truly the true daughter of your father. Ada obim, Ada nkem, Oya come and sit by my side,” her father said enthusiastically.

Adaobi sat down, surprised at the sudden excitement displayed by her father, “This man is full of surprises and will never cease to amaze me” she thought.

“My daughter,” Mazi Okwu began. I am your father. I know that you do not have any girlfriend in Lagos because I have never heard you talk about her. Do you think that I do not know that you want to go and visit Edochie in Lagos? When do you intend to go?”

“Tomorrow,” Ada replied.

“Ewo! So soon? That is good. Go and get ready. I will give you your transport money tomorrow. And I will tell your brothers that you have gone to visit your girlfriend as you said,” Mazi Okwu was happy that his daughter reasoning with him.

Next Day.

Adaobi was set for her journey. It was not as easy as she thought, she arrived Lagos early hours of the morning.

Adaobi opened her handbag to search for the piece of paper on which she wrote Edochie’s address. She found it and looked at it to be sure that she was at the right place. Having confirmed that she was at the right place, she knocked on the gate of No 19 Idowu street, Aguda, Lagos.

“Yes, na who be dat?” The gate keeper asked from inside the compound.

“It is me, Adaobi.”

“What do you want?”

“I want to see Mr. Edochie Udokamma. Tell him that Adaobi wants to see him”

“All right, hold on,” the gate keeper left and came back to open the big brown iron gate for Adaobi.

The gate keeper Ahmed was a stoutly built pot-bellied man with bald head. He was about five feet five inches with a round face. He was wearing a black short sleeved shirt on a baggy green trousers and black shoes which by indication, were overused and had not been polished since the pairs were bought. Edochie who was about going out stood by his car and shouted,

“Adaobi! I am glad to see you.”

“I didn’t know that you were serious about paying me a visit in Lagos.”

“Good morning, Edochie” Adaobi greeted.

“You are welcome to my house. Where is that gate keeper? Ahmed!”

“Yes, Oga.” Ahmed answered and ran to his master.

“Ahmed, please take her luggage to the visitors room. Adaobi let us go in.”

Both of them went inside the house. As Adaobi sat down, she couldn’t help but to admire the room. Then, she said,

“I decided to visit as the ASUU does not want to call off its strike. I was even informed that NASU(Non-Academic Staff Union) has joined in the strike. Honestly, I am tired of staying in the village so I made up my mind to come to Lagos. Your place is beautiful, I must admit.”

“Well, we thank God. How was everybody in the village when you left them?”

“Everybody is doing fine.” Adaobi replied.

“Actually I was about going out before you came in. So make yourself comfortable, let me run along and buy what you will eat. You know that I am a bachelor so I normally eat outside,” Edochie informed Adaobi.

“That is all right. But since I will be here for some days, would it not be better you take me to the market so that I can buy some condiments and prepare a delicious home made Onugbu Soup(Bitter leaf soup) for you?” Adaobi suggested.

“But you have just come. Don’t you want to rest?”

“I am all right. I will rest tomorrow. Just take me to the market” Adaobi insisted.

“That’s fine. If you say so, let us go then. I am already salivating at the thought of Onugbu Soup.”


They went to the market and bought the necessary things that were needed for the preparation of the soup and went back to the house. Few hours later, they were enjoying a delicious well prepared Onugbu soup with pounded yam.

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