[Story] A Night With A Billionaire; Episode 08.

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{✨One Night Changed Everything✨}


Episode 08.


~Dawn’s POV~

I sigh as I stared up at my house, feeling thankful for the man who had just dropped me off.
I’m really grateful to him. After standing there, By the street for what felt like a whole day but was probably just hours, this man had pulled up right next to me, asked me why I’m just standing there and I had explained my situation to him excluding the part that I had a late night party and had a one night stand.
The man had asked me to come in and he had dropped me here.
Only god knows what would have happened if he hadn’t, I would have probably still standing there, excepting someone to help.

I gulp in, still staring at the door and hoping that aunt doesn’t get angry too much.
I walk inside, opening the gate and the guard that’s always standing there is nowhere to be found, not my problem at the moment.

I take slow unsteady steps towards my house and I stop at the door, grabbing the knob and breathing in and out.
What exactly should I make up?
I can’t tell her what really happened and how I have lost my virginity to a stranger. She will flip off but what exactly do I say?

Before I could finish trying to make up what to say, the door opens itself and I quickly step back out of shock, as Kira comes out of the house her eyes widened.

“Oh my god! She’s back! ”
She yells before I could even say anything and she drags me in to see everyone staring at me.
All my friends are here excluding some few ones and aunt is staring at me.
I gulp in and stare down at the ground, excepting her total outburst.

“You have no idea how worried I had been? I thought someone had kidnapped you, why were you like that, Uh? Why didn’t you stay within your friends so you wouldn’t get lost! ”
She snaps and I try to wrap my head around what’s happening.
She thought.. She thought I got lost?

“After we played that game and she said she wanted to dance, I don’t know what happened after but we suddenly couldn’t find her anymore, we searched the whole club but she was nowhere to be found, we also thought about searching the hotel in there but what could she possibly doing in a hotel? ”
Nora laughs and that hotel made me remember something! The hotel!
We were first in the hotel before we went to wherever the place I left earlier is.

“It’s okay now. I’m just glad she’s okay, I thought I had lost you when your friends came here last night and said they can’t find you. I nearly lost it, you have no possibly idea. I was gonna call the police to inform then but your uncle said to wait till this morning and I’m glad you’re here and nothing is wrong with you but where are your shoes, why is your hair like that and what the hell happened to you? ”
Oh oh. This is exactly what I’m not prepared for.
What the hell would I say happened to me? I can’t possibly tell her what really happened.

“Fucking hell! You’re back! ”
Bryan’s voice says from behind and I turn back to see him walking down the stairs while I breathe out in relief that he has just save me from the biggest thing I will ever regret.

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