[Story] A Night With A Billionaire; Episode 07.

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{✨One Night Changed Everything✨}


Episode 07.


Dawn’s POV.

Oh god. I’m so stupid and I’m so ruined. I have no idea where I am and who I had misbehaved with.
I have no idea who he is and I can’t remember much either.
I groan as I stand up from the bed and look around for my clothes, I found then on the floor and I quickly grab them, pulling them over my head before scurrying out of the room.

I’m so dead. It’s already past school time and I am not home yet.
This isn’t how I had planned last night.
I made a mistake ever since I made it my choice to take that drink.
I thought the guys were around, what the hell were they doing just watching me?

I walk down the stairs, carefully and slowly before jumping out of the house and heading off to the streets.
I have no idea where this place is and I have no idea how to get home either.
I don’t even know how to get home from here!

I stare around, I don’t have my purse with me either which means I don’t have my phone with me to call any of my friends.

I regret ever being out last night. I should have insisted and started in, now in on this page.
Just one night had ruined everything for me.
One night has turned everything even worse than it already is.
One night with someone I have no idea where he came from and who he is even.
What the hell was Kira doing last night watching me go away with a stranger?

I groan and look ahead of me, trying to see if I can find a car to take me away from here or to at least tell me where the hell I am!
Aunt will be so angry, she has been very understanding after what happened had happened but I know she most definitely wouldn’t tolerate this.

The only reason she had allowed me to go out last night is because she felt I really need to get out if my shell and live my life. Now, she will definitely regret ever letting me do that.
I sound have just stayed in! I want to blame Kira for pushing me into going last night but I know it wasn’t her fault and she was only looking out for me also.

I stare around to find at least something to the take away from here but there’s nothing. It seems as if this place is an estate, I gulp in and continue walking anyways.

I kept walking till I can see the street ahead of me and I gulp in, quickening my steps and walking over there.
I must look really stupid, my hair is in a awkward state and my shoes aren’t on my feet either.

I walk over to the sidelines and stand there, watching and hoping that I see someone that will take me the hell from this place that I don’t even know where it is.

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