[Story] A Night With A Billionaire; Episode 06.

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{👠One Night Changed Everything👠}


Episode 06.


Dawn’s POV.

I start moving my hips to the beat of the music, rocking towards it and yelling loudly against it when I feel a body grinding against mine.
When I turn back, it’s him.
The same guy I had mistakenly kissed even though he isn’t the one I was supposed to kiss.

He brings his hand to my waist, pushing my closer to him with my hands laying flat on his chest and I giggle, moving quick against him as I bury myself in the crook of his neck.
I hum against his skin as he grabs my leg, wrapping his around his waist and I push myself against him, grinding on him and a low grunt slips through him.

I don’t know what the hell I am doing but I know it sure is fun. So much fun, been drunk is so much fun!

He pulls me back by the neck and slams his lips against mine.
The taste lingers on my lips for a little while before I open my mouth, giving him across and he pushes his tongue inside, swirling it around mime.
I thought he was angry earlier when I had kissed him but this surely did took a interesting turn that I hadn’t excepted.

He begins to move away, I don’t know where he’s heading to but I can’t feel the beat of the music anymore and it’s slowly fading away.
He moves his hips against mine, letting me feel his erection and a moan slides through my throat as he moves towards somewhere.

Before I know what’s happening, my back is against a soft material and when I press my hand into it. It’s a bed.
How come we are quick to be on a bed? Who cares anyways? I shrug the thought off my mind and his fingers goes up to my thigh, pushing across my pant before he takes his finger to my zipper and zip the gown down.


I groan as I stand up and hold my head between my hands.
Damn! My head hurts like crazy, terribly crazy and I have such a headache.
I sigh as I stare down at myself to see that I’m totally naked. Entirely naked except the duvet which is covering me.

What the hell happened? Why am I naked? When did aunt removed my clothes without me even noticing?

I look around my room, only to discover that my room really isn’t my room and my mouth falls open as I stare around the place.
Oh my god! This isn’t my room! What the hell! What the hell has happened here?

I try to remember what the hell could be the reason that I’m here, on a strangers bed and totally naked.
Oh god! Please, don’t let this be what I think it is.
It couldn’t be what I am thinking, right? That I had s*x with someone! A stranger! Oh god, I’m so dead! I’m so fucking stupid!

I slam my hand against my cheek, shaking my head and looking around to see my clothes scattered across the floor.

Oh god! I just had a one night stand with someone.
And not just anyone! A stranger I don’t even know and now, that stranger isn’t here anymore.
He probably flew away after getting what he wants from me.

Oh god! I’m so stupid!

Tears rolls down my cheeks as I drop my head between my hands. I’m never drinking ever again in my entire life!

Just one night. One night have destroyed everything for me.

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