[Story] A Night With A Billionaire; Episode 05.

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{👠One Night Changed Everything👠}


Episode 05.


Dawn’s POV.

My eyes caught him. Damn! He’s so beautiful.
Even in the dimmed light, he’s still glowing.
I can visibly see it from here, the way his skin glows.
Oh god! I must have drink too much alcohol for me to have been thinking his skin glows.
When did guys suddenly becomes beautiful in my eyes?
I like the feeling though, I still can feel my heart pumping hard and I gulp in as I turn to Lily who is still staring at me.

“To kiss him? ”
I raise my brows at her and she nods, her brows cocked to one side and I smile before standing up from my seat.
My feet feels like its dangling off the floor and my head is turning and turning.
My image is blurry and everyone in here looks so funny.
I chuckle, shaking my head before grabbing Bryan’s shoulder for support.

“Guys, I don’t think she should do that. Hell! Look at how she’s doing. She can’t even stand upright! ”
Bryan says and I roll my eyes, pushing myself away from him.

“Stop it! Stop been a fun plunger. ”
F**k. Seriously, a fun plunger? I feel funny.

“I will do it. It’s a dare after all and dares are meant to be done, to let them know how bold you are. ”
I start walking towards him and he’s not the only one alone.
He is with someone. In suit so I’m presuming it’s his guard or something.
I don’t care anyways, I just need to do my dare.
Normally, I should be scared if I’m asked to do something like this for a dare but instead I don’t feel scared a bit. I feel high, everything is so funny and everything here is fun except Bryan who doesn’t want me to have fun of course.

I chuckle, my walking slightly shaking before finally arriving in front of him and the man in suit states at me, making the beautiful man also turn to look at me.

“Who are… ”
Before he could complete his words, I jump on his lap. Bringing his head towards mime and wrapping my arms around his neck. I push myself into him and lock our lips together.
I can tell that he’s surprised cause he still for a moment, probably wondering what the hell I think I’m doing before pulling away from me, pushing me off him immediately.
When I look at him, he looks angry.. worried but mostly angry.
What’s with him? I had thought he would like that, why is he acting all worked up!
He’s definitely the same as Bryan, they are both party fun puckers.

I shake my head before making my way back to the team and they are all staring at me, none of them saying nothing as if they had not expected me to do that.
They all watch me as I take my seat and I raise my brows at Lily.

“I finished the dare. ” I grin and she shakes her head, her mouth still not producing any words.

“F**k! Damn! I can’t believe you just kissed him!”
She squeals and I raise my brows at her.

“I… I didn’t.. ”
My words slurs, tumbling out of my mouth and I breathe in and out before turning back to her. “You dared me to. ” I say calmly, stretching my arm across the table to grab a drink but Bryan is quick to slap my hand away and I pout at him.

“You are already more than wasted. No more drinks from you, no matter what you say and no matter how much puppy faces you put on! ”
He snaps and I chuckle, looking away from him.

“I wasn’t talking about that guy when I had asked you to kiss him. I was talking about that guy there, he’s a guy from our school. Why the hell would I ask you to kiss a stranger? ”
She says and I shrug. The deed has been done already and it can’t be reserved anymore.

I can still feel the hotness of his lips against mine. It was only for a brief moment but it makes me feel so hot.
I wish I could do that again.

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