[Story] A Night With A Billionaire; Episode 04.

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{✨One Night Changed Everything✨}


Episode 04.


Dawn’s POV.

“Damn! That’s the sixth drink you will have in ten minutes. ”
Lily said, staring at me and I chuckle, smiling at her before grabbing the glass and gulping down the drink in a one shot.

It’s actually really better than I thought. It helps me to not care about everything and to not think about anything either.
I feel like the more I drink, the less I care about everything that’s going on around me.
I still need to feel it though.

I pass the bartender the glass and he stares at me, a disapproving look spread across his face.
He doesn’t understand. He wouldn’t.
I need to drink until I feel entirely numb.
I need to drink until I can’t think right anymore.
My thinking is slowly fading away and I need it to fade away entirely.
I will have to drink to achieve that.

“That’s the sixth glass you will have. It’s really strong, are you sure you can handle it? ”
He raises his brows at me and I giggle before nodding.
He sighs and nod buy pass me another and I gulp in down immediately.
The drink burning down my throat and hot on my tongue.
I close my eyes for a brief moment,allowing the drink to pour down and fade away my senses.

I breathe out, opening my eyes and staring across the room.
I can feel the weight lift away from my heart and my body feels entirely numb.

“Are you okay? ”
I turn and it’s sryan. No pryan. No its eryan. Damn! I think I might have really had a lot of drinks, I can’t even say mryan name properly.
Oh god! It’s Bryan!

“Yeah, never.. Never been better. ”
The words slurs through my mouth and for once, I can feel everything not making sense.

“This is what I’m talking about when I said we should have fun! Damn! I’m fucking happy! ”
Kira nods her head to the beat of the music and I giggle along with her.
Geez! When did I start giggling?

“Okay guys, how about we play a game? ”
Nora yells and I nod my head immediately, I’m feeling this so much.

“Why are you not drinking? ”
I turn to mryan.. Bryan, who for some weird reason, has been staring at me.

“I need to look after you. You are wasted. ”
He says and I roll my eyes before turning back to the others.
I don’t want to be taken care of. I feel like that cycle has been repeating my whole life!

“Okay, we will need a bottle of whiskey. We are playing truth or dare. ”
They squeals as we all stand up, making our way towards somewhere to seat.

Bryan holds me all the way there and although, I appreciate that but the whole point of this drinking stuff is to be free and get loose.
He doesn’t seem to be getting that. I know he only means good though.

“Okay then. Let’s start! ”
Lily squeaks and the bottle is spin across on the small table.


A lot of dares and truths were made, most of them involving Ian kissing Lily. Kira giving Nick a lap dance and some others that I can’t really remember.

It’s finally my turn and I couldn’t be any more happy to hear what they are gonna dare me to do. I know it’s the alcohol but I’m really loving this feeling.

“Okay Dawn, truth or dare. ”
Lily smirks at me and I roll my eyes at her before filling in, sitting upright confidentially.

“Dare. ”
I mutter and she smirks, letting me know that she has something dirty in mind.

“I dare you to go kiss that guy. ”
And when my eyes trails to where she’s pointing at.

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