[Story] A Night With A Billionaire; Episode 03.

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{✨One Night Changed Everything✨}


Episode 03.


Dawn POV.

“Damn! This place looks so heavily. ”
Kira squeals as we all arrive at the entrance of the club and we all stare around the building.
It smells like fun in there.
Different people trooping in and out and some hanging around by the side.

I gulp in before we all make our way inside and it looks even more better in the inside than it looks on the outside.
The music booms through the entire room and I can hardly hear a single thing in here except the loud music booming through with people swaying my body towards the beat.

“Okay, boys and girls. Welcome to fun!!! ”
Bryan shouts over the loud music and I clutch tightly to my bag and my novel which I still plan on reading.
I breathe out as we finally push through the crowd and all grab a seat, facing the bartender.

They all ordered for something while I keep wondering how the hell I’m gonna read the novel in here. The light is dimmed in here and the loud music would not allow me to enjoy a thing of what I will read.
I sigh, still holding tightly to the novel when I’m tapped by someone.

I turn back and it’s this guy. He has dark hair and green eyes. In short, he looks really intimidating and even quite older than I am.

“What would you like to take babe? ”
Wait, what? Babs? Did he just called me babe?
I’m more or less like his younger sister. I guess Kira really did a number on me. I feel like I’m not a high school student either.

“Um, nothing. Thanks. ”
I start moving the stool back, hoping the guys would at least pay some attention towards me but they are all busy drinking.

“Oh, come on. I know a pretty girl like you will definitely want something to drink. Am I not right? ”
He says with a cheeky smile and I shake my head.
He brings his hand to my cheek and I slap it away instantly.

“Stay the f**k away from me! ”
I yell over the loud music, earning the guy’s attention of course.

“Old man. Get away from her! ”
Jason hisses, coming towards me and the man growls, turning to him.
I can see the darkness in his eyes and I’m scared he would hurt Jason.

“And if I don’t stay away from you, what will you do? ”
The man starts moving towards him and I can feel him shaking but he’s trying to act brave.
This is why it isn’t a good idea for high school students to come to a club.
It’s full of lots of crazy people who only want to either get off with any lady they see or drink themselves to stupor.
I told the guys I wasn’t interested anyways but they had refused to listen to me. Now, it has turned to this.

“It’s not what he will do. It’s about what we will do. ”
The other guys shows up, standing behind Jason, who seems to have suddenly gain confidence from there.

“You heard him. Stat away from her, old man. Go find another p***y to stick your damn d**k in! ”
I’m no surprise at all when Bryan had said that.
He’s known to be quite wild anyways.

“And what do you think you little will do to me if I don’t say away from her? ”

“Kidnapper! Kidnapper! Drug dealer! He’s trying to kidnap someone in here! ”
Nora starts yelling, earning some few people attention who all turns to us and the man looks around before walking away immediately and I flash Nora a appreciative anime which she politely returns.

“Are you okay? ”
Bryan asks, sitting beside me and placing his hand against the arm on the small of my back and I nod, smiling at him.

“I need a drink. ”
I sigh. Maybe for once in my life, I should really forget about everything.
I’m tired of staying here, been the only one that cares about everything. Been the only one that the whole weighs on highly.

“Are you sure? ”
He raises his brows at me and I chuckle before nodding.
Just let me join the queue of those drinking themselves to stupor tonight.

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