[STORY] A Father’s Choice; Episode 6

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Seven months later, Adaobi delivered of a bouncing baby boy.

After the delivery of her baby, Adaobi thought of what next to do with her life. She couldn’t go back to her father in the village because her father was the architect of her problems. Maybe, if she had told Ikenna that she was pregnant for him, she would have been happily married to him but it was too late to cry over spilt milk. She did not want to give consent for her son to be adopted as she did not want him to trace her in future. She made up her mind close that chapter of pregnancy, Ikenna and Edochie in her life and moved on with her life. She later came to a decision to run away from the Home.
Adaobi stayed in the Home for eight months after giving birth to her son. Normally, the girls were not allowed to move out from the Home unless their parents came to take them. But Adaobi had gained the confidence of the Mother General. So the day Ada told Mother General that she wanted to go and collect her money from her friend, she didn’t suspect Adaobi was about running away from the Home. Adaobi left every of her belonging but took the money Edochie gave to her and left.



Immediately she stepped outside the compound, she took a long gaze at the compound knowing that, that would be the last time she would see that compound and she silently prayed to God to take care of her son, then she headed towards the next street not knowing exactly where she was going. Mother General waited for three days for Adaobi to come back and when she didn’t see her on the fourth day, she knew that Adaobi had run away. She decided to personally take care of the baby for he was such an adorable and lovely baby. She named the baby Echidime meaning, “Tomorrow is pregnant.”.


Edochie was sitting comfortably in his office having a business discussion with his friend Tobenna when Tobenna brought up the issue of Adaobi in their discussion.

“Edochie” Tobenna called his attention.

“I do not like the way you discharged that girl Adaobi. What she did was bad I must say but two of you could have reached a compromise. That girl is homely, lovely and beautiful. I also know that….”

“Please, please, Tobe, let us not bring Adaobi into our discussion. I am done with her and that is that! You may leave now since we are through with our discussion for I have many things to do.” Edochie said.

Tobenna apologised and left. Some minutes later, a tall black girl knocked and entered Edochie’s office.

“Good afternoon, Sir”

“Yes, young lady, how may I help you?”
Edochie asked reluctantly.

“Sir, my name is Ugochi Okeke. I am in marketing department of my Bank..First Bank of Nigeria, Ojota branch. I have come to see if you can open an account with us”

“Why should I? What made you think that I am in need of another account?”

“I am so sorry, Sir. I can sense that you are not in good mood today. I will leave and come back some other time so that I can tell you what you stand to gain by having an account with us.”

“No, no… Somebody annoyed me before you came in. I am sorry for being harsh,” pleaded Edochie realizing that he was rude to the girl.

“What do you say your name is?” he asked

“Ugochi, Sir.”

It was then that Edochie really took a good look at Ugochi and realized that she was a beauty to behold.

“I have seen my wife,” he muttered to himself.

“You said what, sir? Ugochi asked.

“No, it is really nothing, but we have to meet another time. Drop your card with me. I will ring you when I am ready,” Edochie replied.

Ugochi left and Edochie vowed not to let her escape. He grabbed the card Ugochi kept on his table as if it was about to fly away and stored her number in his mobile phone.

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