[STORY] A Father’s Choice; Episode 3

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Obioma and Nneka were discussing while walking along the footpath that led to the market when Obioma sighted Edochie and Adaobi together.

“Wonders shall never cease!”

“What is it, Obioma?” Nneka asked, as she was surprised at the sudden outbrust.

“Are you blind? Can’t you see? Are those people not Adaobi and Edochie?” Obioma quried.

“Of course, they are the ones. Is there any problem?” asked Nneka.

“You will never cease to amaze me, what do you mean by ‘is there any problem?’ When did Adaobi switch to Edochie. I thought that she was in love with Ikenna. So why is Edochie holding her hands in such an amorous way?” Obioma asked angrily.

“Go on, ask useless questions. Obioma, Obioma, learn to mind your business. I have always warn you to mind your business. Adaobi is neither betrothed nor married to Ikenna so if she feels that Edochie is a better friend than Ikenna, please let her be. I do not have any problem with that and you shouldn’t…”

“Why?” Tell me why I shouldn’t bother?” Obioma interrupted.

“Because it is none-of-your-business!” Nneka answered sharply.

“O-ho, if you say so. But nobody should call me when the problem arises” warned Obioma holding one of her ears.

“No problem will arise and nobody will call you. You are not a problem solver” Nneka said.

By then they have reached where Adaobi and Edochie were standing, they greeted them and continued with their walk.



Few days later, Chidimma, Edochie’s cousin was in Adaobi’s house. Obioma was jealous of Adaobi and had even tried everything she could to snatch Ikenna from Adaobi but failed. So she gave Chidimma her friend some money to connect her to Edochie for she is desperate to get married. When she saw Adaobi and Edochie. She became so angry that she went straight to Chidimma’s house as soon as Nneka left. She told Chidimma that Adaobi now slept in Edochie’s house.

Chidimma was so disappointed in Adaobi that she decided to pay her a visit and warn her to steer clear of Edochie. When she got to Adaobi’s house, she knocked on the door and immediately the door was opened, she began to shout,

“Adaobi or whatever you call yourself, I used to respect you as a decent girl who is in love with Ikenna, a responsible boy, but not anymore. What do you think that you are doing? Answer me Adaobi, what are you up to? when did you start visiting Edochie’s house? Stay away from my cousin, Stop flirting around him. He cannot from a struggling family like yours. He has come to the village to rest, allow him to do so. You are….”

“Please, please!” Interrupted Adaobi. I wouldn’t sit here and watch you insult me in my own house. Now get out from my house.”

“I did not come here to bandy words with you. I’ve only come to tell you to steer clear from Edochie’s life. Stop insulting yourself because of money. Go back to Ikenna”.

Chidimma finished and left the house. Of a truth, She had nothing against Adaobi, it was just that she promise Obioma that she would convince her cousin Edochie to marry her. And now Adaobi wanted to spoil her plans for her, and might think she had collected money from Obioma.

Adaobi began to cry as soon as Chidimma left.

“See What I got myself into. I have become the topic of gossip for everybody. Everybody is saying that I am forcing myself on Edochie and it is true. Come to tink of it, I, visit him; but he has never visited me. Oh! Oh, father, fath….”


Adaobi turned and was surprised to see her father.

“My daughter, I am sorry. But you really have to make Edochie marry you. Do not think about what people say rather think of all I have been through to feed, clothe and train you and your two brothers since your mother died. Anayo has been sent away from school because he has not paid his school fees. If they call off your strike, where will I get the money to give you? I know that my idea is against your will but please consider our living condition, my health and the future of your brothers. Help us please, my daughter, our future; our tomorrow is in your hands.”

“But papa I do not love this man. I do not…”

“Do not talk about love” Mazi Okwu interrupted. just get him to marry you and love will come later. Inugo nwam(have you heard my daughter). Think about it o nne oma”.Her father said while patting her shoulders, he later retired into his room.

In the night, Adaobi ruminated over what her father had said. She saw reasons with her father especially on the aspect that love will come later. She made up her mind to do away with the pregnancy once she got to Lagos as neither Ikenna nor her father knew that she was pregnant. She decided there and then start she must work her way into Edochie’s heart. She got up from her bed, pick her phone from the table and stored Edochie’s number and contact address which had been lying on the table since she got it from him into her phone. She then called Edochie and asked him how he was faring. She later laid down to sleep for she believed that the xall she had given to Edochie would make him to think about her throughout the night.

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